When eyes are itchy, we automatically start rubbing them; however, rubbing eyes is a very dangerous habit! See why!

Rubbing your eyes causes a pleasant relief, especially when you feel tired, burning or your eyes are itchy. The next time you try, think twice because this can have harmful side effects.

When you rub your eyes, you lubricate them because you stimulate the production of tears. This helps to feel temporary calm and put an end to the gritty feeling.

When there is discomfort in the eyes, it is best to close the eyelid to avoid the following complications.

When eyes are itchy, do not rub them! See why!

  1. Corneal deformity

Rubbing the eyes intensely and continuously contributes to the development of keratoconus, a condition that alters the internal structure of the cornea, that is, deformity of it.

Although it does not cause blindness, the vision diminishes significantly; if it is not treated in time it can progress, thin the cornea and even form scars. In extreme cases, corneal transplantation is necessary.

  1. Infections

Rubbing the eyes with the hands leads to infections such as conjunctivitis or stye, since in this part of the body abound about 150 different types of bacteria and germs due to contact with numerous objects.

Blepharitis is an infection on the edge of the eyelids caused by touching the eyes with dirty hands that causes a sensation of grit and burning on the base of tabs.

  1. Injuries

By rubbing your eyes you can scratch and permanently damage the cornea. If the itching is caused by allergies, rubbing can release histamines (allergens) around the eyes and make the itching sensation worsen.

  1. Red eyes

Rubbing your eyes can wreak havoc on your appearance. The blood vessels are broken, resulting in red and irritated eyes. Over time, this can give the look an appearance of tiredness and dimming around the eyes.

  1. Appearance of expression line

The area around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive area of ​​the face. Since there are no sebaceous glands, repeated rubbing can cause the skin to stretch, generating fine lines of expression. The more you rub, the more you stretch.

For people suffering from myopia or glaucoma, rubbing the eyes can worsen your vision, as doing so puts more pressure and reduces blood flow.

Specialists recommend special caution when waking up, as it can be dangerous for the cornea, which may be inflamed by excess fluid as a result of low oxygen levels at night.

Therefore, there is no reason to rub them. It is best to use lubricating drops prescribed by an ophthalmologist. If the discomfort persists, consult the specialist.

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