If you have the coating on glasses scratched, you can perform one of these tricks and you’ll have them as good as new in a few seconds! See how!

Without doubt, glasses or magnifying glasses are not at all economical, so we try to take care of them with great attention. Unfortunately over time they are full of scratches or marks that make visibility difficult.

The good news is that there are different tricks at home that you can easily perform when you have the coating on glasses scratched. Next, we want to share with you 7 amazing home-made tricks that will help you remove scratches and blemishes from your magnifying glasses simply and effectively.

Home tips in case you have the coating on glasses scratched

1.- Sodium bicarbonate

Just mix some baking soda with a little water to form a paste. Rub with circular motions and clean with plenty of water.

2.- Sunscreen

Just put on a sunscreen and rub it with the help of a soft cotton cloth in circular motions.

3.- Wax for furniture

Simply place some furniture wax on the glasses and rub heavily with the help of a soft cloth making circular motions.

4.- Dental paste

Just put a little toothpaste and rub it with the help of a piece of cotton in soft circular motions. Remove it with plenty of water.

5.- Wax of the car

It is exactly the same procedure as that of furniture wax.

6.- Acid paste for glass

For plastic lenses or glasses, you should only rub a little of this paste for 2 minutes. Remove it immediately with warm water.

7.- Mustard and vinegar powder

Mix some mustard and white vinegar until a paste is formed. Put some of the mixture where you have the coating on glasses scratched, rub with circular movements and remove with plenty of water.

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