Do not consume this milk for health reasons, because it causes problems of thyroid, immune system, kidney and even cancer!

You’ve probably heard about soy milk, and you’ve probably even tried it. It is a product that is usually the first choice of those who wish to substitute cow’s milk. It is easy to buy and at a good price.

Soy milk is a highly recognized type of milk worldwide and recommended for being “Health Beneficial” but what the specialists, researchers and scientists have discovered will surprise you. Today we will reveal shocking discoveries about this milk.

Below we describe and describe some of the adverse effects of soy milk. After knowing this it is most advisable to discontinue using this milk for health reasons as soon as possible.

Don’t drink this milk for health reasons!

Alters DNA

Soy contains GMOs, the scientifically proven DNA alters. Acquiring one hundred percent organic soy is almost impossible. The consumption of soy milk during pregnancy causes defects in newborns.

Deficiencies in the immune system

In fact, this problem is mostly reflected in the children of mothers who consume soy. Consuming this type of milk during the nursing period or in the period of pregnancy causes autoimmune diseases.

Kidney stones

There are oxalates in soy milk, a substance that is impossible to process by the body. This substance is expelled with difficulty from the body through the urine. The accumulation of oxalate bound with the rest of calcium and other minerals is converted into kidney stones.

Alterations in the nervous system

A study ensures the damage caused by soy. After three decades of study and testing of various volunteers, scientists found that the greater the consumption of this milk, the greater the deficiency in motor skills.

Contributes to the emergence of cancer

This type of milk has carcinogenic substances, among them lisinealina. Soy also has a high content of phytoestrogen, a compound that causes breast cancer.

Generates uterine fibroids

Another study carried out concluded that the odds of developing uterine fibroids are higher in women who were fed soy milk during childhood.

Endocrine changes

One of the compounds that form soy milk causes problems in the pancreas and thyroid. This substance is Genistein. The consumption of soy milk increases the likelihood of subacute hypothyroidism, goiter, and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Fertility problems

Moreover, this milk contains phytoestrogens which causes problems in men;  they cause male infertility.

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