How to Minimize Pores on Face by Unclogging Them?

How to minimize pores on face efficiently by unclogging them? There are many ways to make your face beautiful and spotless again, learn them!

Pores tend to get clogged due to sweat and oil from the skin itself. Therefore, today you will discover how you can clean them in depth with some natural solutions.

It is not unusual for pores to get clogged. This is usually due to improper cleaning that causes grease, sweat and dirt to gradually plug them. Therefore, today you will know how to unclog pores thanks to some natural solutions.

What happens when we have clogged pores? One of the consequences is the increase in size due to the accumulation of substances within the pore that give rise to a black point.

As the pore is dilated, it is much more noticeable. This is very unsightly and requires a series of solutions to thoroughly cleanse the skin and unclog pores. Common facial cleansing, in these cases, does not report any favorable results.

How to minimize pores on face?

Many times, we try to unclog the pores by rubbing the skin hard when we clean it with soap. We may even help ourselves with an exfoliating brush. However, none of this has the effect we are looking for.

There are a series of much more effective solutions that will help us free our pores of accumulated dirt without irritating the skin. To do this, we will see 3 remedies that it is essential that we carry them out in the order in which we are going to present them.

  1. Herbal facial steamer

This is one of the best ways to unclog your pores. It is an essential step that will help the pores to open and, thus, it is much easier to clean them. Without this option, it will be very difficult to thoroughly clean the pore and free it of all accumulated dirt.

As this study by the Technical University of Babahoyo (Ecuador) points out, steam opens the pore, but it also sensitizes the skin. Therefore, we should only spend a maximum of 5 minutes with our face near the water after it has boiled. We can add chamomile, lemon balm or even lavender.

  1. Hot compress

Contact with heat will help the pores to open and we can clean them effectively.

Once we have spent 5 minutes with the face on the steam, we can use some tissues to facilitate the removal of dirt from the pores. We will do it very carefully. In the event that the pores in a certain area, such as the nose, are not open enough, we can use a hot compress.

We will soak it in the water that we use to make the facial steams and we will apply it for a few minutes to the affected area. Afterwards, we will repeat the procedure with the tissues to finally release the black dot.

  1. Clay mask to unclog pores

This is the last step after having done the previous two. The clay mask leaves the skin very soft, renewed and cleanses it in depth, as suggested by this study from the University of Zaragoza. It is important that we do not leave it on our face for a long time, because if we have sensitive skin we can irritate and damage it.

There are many masks of this type in any supermarket, although we can also do it ourselves at home. We recommend not using this mask more than once every 15 days, since we could attack our skin too much.

The importance of facial cleansing

A daily facial cleansing prevents clogging of the pores, helps the skin regenerate and reduces conditions such as acne.

Despite the solutions to unclog pores that we have previously exposed, it is essential that we take into account two fundamental tips:

The first is the need to clean the skin of our face every night. It is better to clean it at this time of day rather than in the morning. The reason is that at night the skin regenerates and, therefore, it is more important that it is clean.

Another tip that we want to share with you is that it is very important to remove all makeup. Sometimes, we think that there is no residue on our skin, but we take a cotton ball and a micellar water and surprise! There is still some makeup left. This is very harmful, it clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing.

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Acquiring these good habits will prevent unsightly blackheads from appearing on your skin. In addition, a good cleaning will help you avoid premature aging of the skin and the appearance of early wrinkles due to poor care. How do you usually take care of your skin? Do you clean it properly?

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