You’re tired of feeling depressed and unsatisfied with your looks? You don’t want to look yourself in the mirror just because you’re feeling over-weighted and insecure? Well, maybe it’s time to do something for you and your body!  Welcome to HealthyVille! On our site you will find powerful advice on how to maintain your figure, lose some weight and live healthy!

For starters, we would like to inform you about some basic rules which are inevitable when talking about how to be fit. These 10 rules will change your life completely, of course, if you stick to them and follow them regularly. In a three months period, you’ll see these amazing results and you’ll thank God that you came across this site. Needless to say, these rules have been tested and proved as extremely helpful devices for making one’s life better.

When you first go through the rules, you might say “Yeah, yeah, like I don’t already know that… Tell me something new!” Obviously, these are the basic rules if you want to lift your spirit, have a healthy life and a fit body. It is a fact that you need to follow them and we’ll give you some awesome suggestions how to do it easily.

  1. Eat at least 5 times a day!

Seems a bit extreme, right? You’re used to eat 3 times: breakfast, lunch, dinner? You’re constantly being told to eat less? Well, eat more! We normally think that if we eat less often, we’ll lose weight faster. Cannot blame the logic. But, the fact is that, starving or overeating are far more serious problems that we might consider them to be.  Golden rule: never starve (always have something in your belly) and never overeat! These two terms are significantly important: when you let yourself starve, consequently, you’ll sit and eat faster and have no idea how much you’re eating.  The organism doesn’t have enough time and space to process the food. The result: you have the feeling that you’re about to explode! Deadly wrong!

  1. Watch out how big your portions are!

In addition to the first rule, you have to have a clear image about how big your 5 portions are going to be. For example, if you’re about 60-70 kg, you should eat 1500-2000 calories a day. Counting calories turned out to be essential for a fit body; so your meals should be of about 300 calories.

  1. Exercise!

You so far like the rules, right? Well, there’s a catch. Eating 5 times a day, 300 calories per a meal requires a lot of working out. If you’re a jogger, lucky you! Run at least 3km a day and there you go: everything is working in your favor. However, some of us (me included ) find jogging extremely difficult and challenging, so we prefer some exercises. These  exercises do not necessarily need to be God knows how long, but 30-60 minutes. Here are some suggestions: Focus, Insanity, Insanity Max30, Insanity Asylum… Try them and believe me, you’ll feel reborn!

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables!

  2. Eat protein rich food at least once a day!

  3. Drink water!

  4. Prepare yourself a nice smoothie!

  5. Forget about fried food, cookies and alcohol!

Hmm, I know, right? Stop with this s*it?! Unfortunately, this is the reality. Drinking at least 2 liters of water or sugar-free, natural juices is extremely important, considering you work out and eat a lot of proteins weekly. French fries, hamburgers, pizza, muffins and a couple of beers sound delicious, but you know by now that these are forbidden if you’re trying to lead a healthy life. Go through our site and you’ll find surprisingly yummy recipes which are healthy, easy to prepare and less expensive than you could imagine.

  1. Lower the stress and get some sleep!

Stress management and 6-8 hours of sleep are essential for your general well-being, but not less important if you are trying to be healthy. Stress is a very dangerous thing, it causes a lot of health problems, social disagreements and it makes you feel tired; even more reasons to get yourself together and think positively about life… Trust us, as soon as you start exercising, see the results of good nutrition, your spirits will lift and you’ll be a completely different person.

  1. Learn how to prepare your own healthy food!

As you have noticed so far, living a healthy life and preparing these healthy meals requires dedication and love. This whole site will help you with your weekly list for shopping healthy groceries, however, you need to focus and follow our lead. As soon as you get a glimpse in this new, challenging way of life, you’ll no longer need us to tell you what to do. But for starters, visit us daily and we assure you, your daily menu will be prepared for you in advance, and you’ll just have to enjoy it!