All Of These Bananas Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Will Leave You Speechless!

The bananas nutrition facts and health benefits are numerous; look at the list of things you’d get if you consume them on a daily basis!

One of the fruits best known by all people regardless of their origin is the banana. This fruit is rich in leukocytes, vitamins and minerals that strengthen our immune system.

It also promotes cardiovascular health and improves calcium absorption. That’s why experts are recommending consuming at least 2 bananas every day.

An investigation by British and Italian scientists gives interesting information on this subject. Due to the amount of potassium that this fruit has, it greatly benefits our health. According to their findings, eating 1 banana for breakfast and one at lunch helps prevent blood clotting in the brain.

Similarly, by the year 2011 it was discovered that this fruit decreases the chances of suffering from strokes. However, the banana is not the only one that can help us enjoy these benefits. We can also get them through spinach, lentils, and fish. However, bananas have very particular effects on our body, as we will show below why. You’ll see all of the bananas nutrition facts and health benefits and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Bananas nutrition facts and health benefits

Promote bone health

Being rich in probiotics, bananas improve our bone health. This is achieved by improving our digestion and facilitating the absorption of the calcium we need.

Improve intestinal processes

Banana contains a lot of fiber, so it promotes proper bowel function. If you suffer from constipation, you can fight it with only 1 of these fruits a day.

Reduce menstrual pain

One of the vitamins found in this fruit is vitamin B6. It helps lower blood glucose levels, improves mood and decreases menstrual cramps.

Natural energizer

The reason banana is the favorite fruit of athletes is because it provides energy in a short time. In addition, they are very easy to digest and their fat content is almost nada. All these reasons make many eat it before and after training to combat fatigue.

Fight anemia

Another of the minerals found in bananas is iron. This helps us regulate hemoglobin levels in the body. This is exactly what medicines do to fight anemia.

Reduce dependence on nicotine

Other minerals we find in this fruit are iron, potassium and vitamins B6 and B12. All these eliminate the nicotine in our body and help us stop consuming it.

Increase brain performance

The potassium present in bananas improves circulation, so the brain receives the necessary oxygen. As a result, we are more agile and have a better performance. In fact, studies show that students who include a banana in their breakfast, lunch and dinner are more receptive and do much better on the exams.

Regulate pressure and prevents heart disease

Again, the potassium has the key role when it comes to the banana health benefits. This mineral reduces blood pressure and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Prevent depression and improve mood

According to recent research, bananas contain tryptophan acids. They help reduce stress, improve mood and combat depression.

For these and other bananas nutrition facts and health benefits is why you should consider including bananas in your daily diet. If you also want to benefit from all its properties, consume at least 1 daily. You will see how with the passage of time you will feel its effects and you’ll become less sick.

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