In Case Of Gas Bloating Constipation Or Other Stomach Problems, Use This!

Gas bloating constipation and other stomach problems can make life uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. Solve them using this!

After we finish eating a large plate of food, we will feel satisfied. However, we may also begin to feel our belly inflamed. This is usually a problem that occurs in women, but men can also have it.

For this reason, we must all know how to act the next time we feel gas bloating constipation or other inflammations. This sensation is not due specifically to a food that our stomach cannot digest. However, it is good to recognize that some foods produce more gases than others.

Gas bloating constipation causes

Gas causes

Vegetables, cabbages, flours and legumes are the main cause of gas. The same is true when consuming soft drinks or containing lots of sugar.

To combat this evil, many resort to different drugs that supposedly eliminate that feeling. And although they are effective, we do not really know what their origin is. Therefore, we prefer that you choose natural remedies that are much more effective and safe. Hence we want to show you how to take advantage of the papaya or milky.

If you are suffering from abdominal distention, the first thing to do is to stop consuming the foods mentioned above. That way, you will avoid further deteriorating your situation and producing more gases. Also, you should consume papaya the way we will explain later.


One of the main causes of abdominal distention is constipation. When the bowels do not function normally, the sensation of abdominal distension will begin to appear. You feel stomach heaviness, and discomfort in the lower belly.


Dyspepsia is a digestive disorder that can be hereditary or caused by bacteria housed in the stomach. Most of the world’s population suffers from it, but they do not even realize it. It causes gas, nausea, heaviness and stomach pain.

Intolerance to certain foods

You may not have identified it yet, but your body may have intolerance to certain foods. One way the stomach rejects them is by causing bloating and stomach pain. That is why you should pay more attention to what you eat.

Remedy to fight stomach problems

What you will need:

  • Chopped papaya (140 grams).
  • Aloe Vera Gel (15 grams).
  • Green tea (10 grams).
  • Water (200 ml).

Preparation and use:

Preparing this natural remedy to eliminate abdominal distention is extremely simple. The first thing to do is to boil the water and prepare the green tea. Afterwards, let the tea stand and cool for 20 minutes. Next, put the papaya along with the aloe gel and the tea in a blender. Liquefy all the ingredients very well until a homogenous substance is obtained.

When we feel that we have abdominal problems such as gas bloating constipation or others, we consume this drink. Moments later, you will feel absolutely nothing. But in addition to receiving this benefit, this drink will improve your digestion and keep you healthy.

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