How Does a Tummy Tuck Work? What Is It Actually? Is It Dangerous?

How does a tummy tuck work? Is it a surgery? Does it hurt? Is it dangerous? You’ve always wanted to know more about it but never dared to. You can do it now.

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure. It is not only aesthetic, but also used as part of health treatments. The most benefited are usually those who went through a process of considerable weight loss.

Tummy tuck is a surgery that, in recent years, has been gaining strength and becoming increasingly known. Although most people think that it is a procedure to lose weight, this is not the case.

This surgical procedure is also called abdominal wall surgery or abdominal plastic surgery. It consists of removing excess skin from this part of the body, which is usually necessary in people who have suffered sudden changes in weight.

In addition to removing excess flaccid skin, tummy tuck can be used to remove some of the abdominal fat. Even to correct the muscles of the abdomen, which may also be more flaccid than normal.

It is one of the most demanded surgeries currently. It helps not only aesthetically, but also improves the self-esteem of the person. Therefore, in this article we explain what a tummy tuck is and why it is performed.

How does a tummy tuck work?

When we suffer sudden changes in weight, both large increases and losses, the skin may be altered due to excessive stretching. This causes it to lose elasticity and not recover its natural form, becoming flaccid and relaxed.

Tummy tuck is to remove that excess skin to get a flatter and firmer abdomen. In addition, it also allows you to correct the excess abdominal fat and muscle flaccidity that accompanies these alterations.

There are different types of abdominal surgery, among which stand out the traditional and mini-tummy tuck. The traditional one requires general anesthesia and a hospital admission of several days. It lasts between 2 and 6 hours and a larger incision is made.

On the other hand, mini-tummy tuck is performed when you only want to treat the area below the belly button. It is a simpler and shorter procedure. The incision is smaller, as is the recovery, which is lighter than in the traditional one.

Who has a tummy tuck?

Although you think that tummy tuck is a surgery that helps you lose weight that is not your main objective. In fact, it is done in people who have a good silhouette, but who maintain excess skin in the area. Also when there is an excess of fat that does not improve with diet or exercise.

The first indication of this surgery are women who have had several pregnancies. This is so because, after several gestation, sometimes the skin and muscles of the abdomen fail to regain their initial form.

Ideally, if done for this reason, the woman does not get pregnant again. If the skin and muscles that have distended are corrected, when a new pregnancy occurs they can stretch too much again, losing the surgery sense.

Another indication of tummy tuck is people with obesity who have lost a lot of weight. In these cases, the skin is often very hanging, weighing even many kilograms alone.

What to consider?

This procedure is very useful, since in addition to fixing an aesthetic problem, it can significantly help improve the self-esteem of the person. It will also improve the comfort of the individual, considering that large excesses of skin are practically a drag.

However, we cannot forget that it is a surgery. Therefore, it is not without risks. First, it should be noted that the process scar will surely be very visible. It is a large incision that can modify the position of the navel.

In addition, as in any other surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection or poor healing. The same risks derive from anesthesia. It is even possible that the sensitivity of the area is altered.

Finally, it is essential to know that, before performing the tummy tuck, it is advised that the weight be stable for at least six months. For all this, the ideal is to inform themselves properly and that it is the doctor who helps to make the decision.

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