4 Healthy Breads To Eat For Weight Loss – Choose The Bread That Won’t Make You Fat!

There are healthy breads to eat for weight loss which does not necessarily make you fat. Here are 4 of them, so choose one and start losing weight!

Bread, by tradition, is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Its practicality makes it a perfect companion to any food. It can be eaten in any of the three meals of the day. And there are so many varieties that there is always the doubt about which is the healthiest bread that does not make you fat.

When a person decides on their own, or by appointment of a nutritionist, to stop eating bread, other options are sought. It is normal that doubts arise about which one of the healthy breads to eat for weight loss in the market.

Nutrients and composition

You have to know that nutritionists effectively advise moderate consumption of bread. This is because bread is a food composed of several nutrients found in the food pyramid. And for all that, this product is full of nutrients and vitamins.

Its basic composition is wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. Then there is the wide variety of bread varieties offered by the market. All these components release certain nutrients and vitamins: carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B3, vitamin E. It also provides minerals such as calcium and iron.

The nutritionists recommend it. This is due to two components derived from bread: fiber and carbohydrate. In fact, it is considered essential to eat carbohydrates to maintain a good nutritional balance.


Fiber is one of the benefits of bread. It regulates intestinal transit and decreases cholesterol levels. On the other hand, carbohydrates are necessary in 50% of the calories ingested in a day, by a person, and the bread offers them in a good proportion.

Now, is the bread really fattening? If we analyze the situation, we understand that bread also has ingredients that are not very good if we want to lose weight. For example, bread usually contains gluten, starch and flours. And everything depends on the organism of each individual.

A slice of 30 gram bread can contain 80 calories. Therefore, bread should always be consumed in moderate quantities. Otherwise, the benefits become unhealthy issues that end up making people fatter. If calories from the carbohydrate are needed in the diet, it is preferable not to overeat.

The ideal would be to consume those carbohydrates from other nutrients other than flour to obtain the necessary calories from the diet. If you exceed the daily calories for bread, not even exercise will be an ally to burn them.

What are the healthy breads to eat for weight loss?

It is known that there is a great diversity of breads in the market. Among the most famous are the white breads, the integral and the mold and bakery. But when it comes to the healthiest choice there are the following options:

Oat bread. It is a very healthy and light bread. It has a high content of fibers that help reduce cholesterol and minimize calories.

Multi cereals bread. This type of bread has a high vitamin and mineral content. They are perfect to eat on diet, thanks to their high amount of fibers, which offer optimized muscular performance.

Whole grain bread. Unlike normal white bread, the flour with which this product is made comes from a complete grain. That implies many more health benefits for the body and fewer calories.

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Rye bread. It is undoubtedly one of the healthiest. The wheat in this bread is much more compact, and allows it to be low in fat.

The sandwich bread is the least healthy of all. As they are industrial products, they are made with artificial chemical ingredients that make them durable. That implies a high content of fats that eliminate the nutrient values ​​of bread.

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