What Is a Dehumidifier Used for and Why Have It at Home?

What is a dehumidifier user for? Why so many people have it? Which are the benefits you get for using it? Why get one yourself? Figure it all out!

Installing a dehumidifier in the home is not a luxury or a matter of aesthetics. Due to the functions it

In most homes – if not all – there are some spaces that are susceptible to moisture problems. Either because there is very little ventilation, they have continuous contact with water or they are made of certain materials, they gradually accumulate humidity, mold and unpleasant odors. Do you know the advantages of having a dehumidifier?

While many think that a dehumidifier is a luxury appliance, the truth is that having one at home provides benefits that go beyond avoiding those moisture stains on the walls. Since we get rid of mold and mites that grow in these environments, their installation also contributes directly to our health.

Moisture and mold are associated with an increased risk of allergies and respiratory problems. Considering this, we must know that having a dehumidifier is synonymous with well-being. Therefore, this time we will detail its benefits and tell you what the best options are.

Dehumidifier – What is this device?

A dehumidifier is a device that has the function of controlling the humidity that is retained in various spaces in the home, especially those that have little ventilation. It works from an evaporator, whose temperature is lower than the dew point, through which an air current transits that causes the humidity to condense and accumulate in a tank.

Then, when the air dries and cools, it goes through a condenser that allows it to recover the ambient temperature to reduce the humidity level. All this, as we have commented, has important advantages. On the one hand, it prevents spaces, furniture and appliances from quickly deteriorating due to humidity and, on the other, it contributes to maintaining the well-being of the family.

Of course, today we can find them in the market in different presentations and brands. However, when it comes to quality and benefits, some dehumidifiers have ranges certified by the Allergy Standard Foundation. This certification indicates that it is a product  people with asthma or allergies greatly use it.

What is a dehumidifier used for?

At this point, we already have some ideas of the benefits of having a dehumidifier at home. However, so that there are no doubts, in the following space we detail it.

  1. They improve air quality

Having a dehumidifier at home has become a health issue. While we ignore it, the accumulation of dust, allergens, pet hair and mold is one of the triggers for allergies and respiratory discomfort. They can also cause skin and eye discomfort.

Fortunately, thanks to certified dehumidifiers we can clean the air of allergens and dust from the environment, and thus ensure a healthier environment for the entire family. In this way, we reduce the risk of skin and respiratory problems, in addition to freeing the spaces of mites, mold and bad odors.

  1. They facilitate the drying of clothes

There are many homes that have poorly ventilated spaces to dry clothes. For this reason, humidity often increases and the garments acquire a bad smell. In this sense, a dehumidifier is also ideal, since they precisely serve as a clothes dryer.

  1. They solve even big humidity problems

Another great advantage offered by modern dehumidifiers is that they have the capacity to solve even major humidity problems in the home. With this we avoid both its consequences on the aesthetics of the house, as well as the bad smell and the possible health problems that may arise.

  1. Help care for furniture and appliances

When environments are too humid, both furniture and appliances tend to deteriorate faster. The humidity, little by little, produces corrosion in the metallic pieces. It also alters the colors of the paintings, the wood and the fabrics. By removing moisture with a high-quality dehumidifier like the ones we’ve mentioned, this is all a thing of the past.

  1. Some are supersilent

The noise of some dehumidifiers can be annoying for some people if used at night. With this in mind, there are some alternatives such as silent range dehumidifiers from the DNS range. A great option for those who bet on comfort.

In conclusion

Buying a dehumidifier equipment becomes a great investment if we consider its important benefits. It is not only a matter of aesthetics for the home, but it is a good ally of health and well-being. Keep that in mind!

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