How to Get Rid of Fat Cells with Lipotherapy?

Learn how to get rid of fat cells once and for all with the aid of a special, highly effective procedure called lipotherapy. You’ll love the results!

The goal of lipotherapy is not to lose weight, but to act directly on fat clusters that could not be eliminated in any other way. Let’s see how to get rid of fat cells with it and why you need it.

Lipotherapy is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that aims to access and eliminate localized fat in different body areas. This treatment was discovered in the early eighties in Italy. However, it has been improved over the years, so it is an option to reduce localized fat without surgery.

Lipotherapy has the support of clinical studies and monitoring of its effects both in Europe and in the United States. It is a technique for clinical use and specialized doctors. Since with misuse, it can lead to unexpected risks for the patient.

What is lipotherapy?

Lipotherapy is a technique that uses microinjections with substances that loosen and dissolve fat gradually.

The professional of the clinic will be the one that establishes the exact area in which the treatment will be carried out. In addition, it will determine if lipotherapy is right for you.

This technique uses active microinjections that loosen and dissolve fat gradually. The idea is to reduce it to smaller and less complex substances. In this way, the fat will dissolve through the natural mechanisms of the organism, and gradually, the lymphatic system will eliminate it.

Remember, the goal of lipotherapy is not to lose weight, but to act directly on fat clusters that could not be eliminated in any other way. Once you apply the injections, you should practice exercise and eat a healthy diet suck as the Mediterranean diet to facilitate the dissolution and elimination of fat.

How to get rid of fat cells with it?

How to get rid of fat cells with litotherapy? Would you need many sessions? The number of sessions depends on each patient, however, an average between 3 and 5 sessions can be established. In addition, you must take into account the areas that need treatment and the amount of fat in them.

Factors such as the area that needs treatment and the amount of fat along with the patient’s metabolic profile will determine the time it takes to see the aesthetic results.

If it involves large areas of the body, such as the abdomen, you will need several sessions. However, in smaller areas such as the double chin, you will see the results after two months of a single session.

Side effects

Side effects are minimal with respect to liposuction, but they do exist:

Bruising and bruising: a skin reaction occurs when the injections are applied. Depending on the sensitivity of each patient, the bruises will be more or less large.

Pain: logically the punctures of the injections can cause pain. However, it is a punctual pain that will be less intense in the following sessions.

In the case of women, experts recommend not doing the treatment just before or after the period. This is because it can create a greater sense of discomfort.

Lipotherapy is a safe cosmetic procedure. The products contain a combination of enzymes, vitamins and very low doses of medicines.

Allergic reactions to medications are possible as in any treatment. For this reason, patients should inform the specialist if they have any known allergies to other medications or if they have metabolic disorders.

What part of the body can be treated with lipotherapy?

Lipotherapy is great for areas such as the hips, thighs and legs, since they favor the elimination of fat.

This aesthetic treatment can be used to eliminate accumulated fat from the following body areas:

  • Thighs and hips.
  • Upper and lower abdomen.
  • Arms and forearms.
  • Back.
  • Double chin and neck.
  • Knees and legs.

Lipotherapy treatment can also help treat the following conditions:

Pseudoginecomastia: that is about the increase of the mammary glands by accumulation of fat in obese men.

Cellulite: the use of this technique for the treatment of cellulite can be more annoying. It can reduce the discomfort by applying anesthetic cream prior to injections.

Retraction of skin.

Deformities of the appearance of the skin after a liposuction.

In some cases, plastic surgeons use lipotherapy also to mobilize fat during liposuction.

When can I go back to normal activity?

Depending on the body area treated, patients usually return to normal activity immediately after the treatment session.

However, patients with facial treatments will present with swelling, so they are likely to be at home for 3 or 4 days. The normal time for pain and swelling is one week. Although in some cases the inflammation may last longer.

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