This fruit works miracles, it’s is a rising STAR among the fruits and helps in healing a lot of diseases. These include diabetes, high cholesterol and inflammation.

This fruit works miracles

This ‘star fruit’, called carambola is rich in a lot of vitamins: B, C, folate, riboflavin, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and niacin. It has a specific flavor, as it is both sour and sweet, similar to citrus fruits. Not anyone likes the taste of it, but is immensely healthy and it provides a lot of health benefits. It also has a cute look; it looks like a star and interesting healthy decorations can be made of it.

This fruit works miracles – Carambola health benefits

Carambola is so low in sugar, in comparison with other fruits, and it’s great and suitable for diabetics. Also, the fiber it contains balances the blood sugar levels.

This amazing fruit also acts as a high cholesterol reducer. It helps increasing the DHL levels and reducing the bad cholesterol which causes heart attacks.

Believe it or not, carambola is also good for high blood pressure. The potassium contained in carambola is great in treating hypertension and regular consumption guarantees longer blood pressure balance.

This fruit is also good for your immune system. The vitamins and minerals present in carambola are immunity boosters. They prevent colds and influenzas.

After a heavy lunch or a dinner, eat one carambola and see how it helps your digestion. It is good in fighting constipation and clearing the intestines.

When you’re pregnant, eat as much carambola as you can because this fruit is great for better fetus development. As it is high in vitamins and folic acid, it provides benefits for the baby’s brain and neural tube.

No need to mention the improved sight and skin – this star fruit is so rich in vitamins that make your skin flawless and your sight perfect.


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