When armpits smell sour or change their normal smell, or they start showing one of these symptoms, BEWARE – you might be in danger!

Armpits play an important role in the body. Although you may not believe it, they can give you signals about some hormonal diseases or imbalances that you may be experiencing.

The armpit can indicate serious disorders, such as:

-Itching in armpits

When you have itching in the armpit it could be by certain factors. On the one hand, the skin of the area, being so delicate, can be irritated by the use of some deodorant products, and even the same soap that you use to wash clothes. On the other hand, it could be fungi, so you should consult with the doctor and immediately suspend the deodorant you are using. Fungi can also cause some reddish spots.

-Armpits smell sour

Naturally the armpit sweats and its smell is characteristic. However, when the odor is too strong it could be some hormonal imbalance, such as a thyroid problem. In particular, when the odor is similar to the enamel remover or rotten fruit, you should consult your doctor quickly because you may have ketoacidosis, a metabolic condition associated with an increase in the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood. If armpits smell sour, it could be indicating that the body would not be breaking the sugar properly, besides that it could be a primary symptom of diabetes.


If you touch your armpits and notice small bumps, before you panic, consider the following information. The armpit is an area where the lymph nodes are , so an inflammation of the lymph nodes may be indicating that your body is fighting a virus or that is about to become sick. However, if the lymph nodes are inflamed for more than a week, then it could be serious diseases, such as some types of cancer.

-Excessive sweating

We mentioned that sweat is normal. But when perspiration is excessive, it is to worry, since we could be talking about hyperhidrosis. It is a disease where excessive production of sweat at one or several levels of the body appears in a chronic way. This condition often affects social relations, because of the shame that the person who has it feels.

We should not be ashamed by our body. But we must always be attentive to the signals it gives us. Remember that the armpit plays an important role in the body so if it signals something, listen to it. If you have any questions, you should always consult your doctor.

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