This pre menopause symptoms list could save you from a lot of trouble and trauma; know everything you need to in order to improve your state!

Pre menopause is the stage of transition between the reproductive stage of the woman and the stage of menopause. Many women often ignore the existence of this stage; however it turns out to be of utmost importance. In this article, we show you the main pre menopause symptoms list.

Here’s a little more about this stage in the women’s cycle.

Basic data

Many people are well aware of what menopause is, but not what pre menopause is.

It’s been a long time since menopause is no longer a taboo subject. However, many are unaware of pre menopause, a stage that usually manifests itself a year before the onset of menopause. It has its own symptoms expressed in biological alterations, due to the hormonal changes that the woman suffers.

During this process, the reproductive organs of women begin to slow down in their functioning, thus warning of the advent of menopause.

The production of progesterone and estrogens is altered during this stage, which causes certain instabilities in the menstrual flow. As a result, ovulation begins to be much less frequent than normal.

Commonly, it usually manifests itself between the 40 – 50 years of the woman.

Such a condition can last up to two years, depending on each organism.

While it is true that during pre menopause the production of ovules is altered, this does not mean that the woman cannot get pregnant, since they are still producing eggs.

Pre menopause symptoms list

Below we explain in detail the pre menopause symptoms list, so that you are on alert.

  1. Generally, one of the first symptoms of pre menopause and the most frequent one is the alteration in the menstrual cycle.
  2. In addition to this, the menstrual period will begin to last less than usual.
  3. But in addition to the alterations already mentioned, there are other clear symptoms. Such are hormonal alterations, which are capable of provoking sadness, depression, anxiety and other types of suffering of this kind.
  4. The increase in sexual desire is another of the clearest symptoms.
  5. In addition, this stage usually also brings with it an increase of weight due to the hormonal alterations produced.
  6. Food plays a very important role in this type of stages, so make sure you have a healthy diet.

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