Allergic reaction on skin can appear from various reasons; check out the main ones and see what you can to stop or prevent them!

Many genetic and environmental factors come together to form a condition that demeans the quality of life of the sufferer. Skin allergies are the reaction to compounds that our body does not process and have symptoms such as dry and red skin, inflammation, itching, burning.

The appearance of allergic reaction on skin is common in sensitive people and demand care and treatment for life, either through medication or, if you know what it is, avoiding the cause of allergy.

Among the most common reasons for allergic reaction on skin are:

1.- Eczema:

It is a chronic condition of the skin that has scaly skin, rash, red skin, and itching. If not treated in time can cause wounds to become infected; among its causes are contact with some allergen and stress.

2.- Urticaria:

It is an allergic reaction on skin that affects the blood vessels of the skin producing red patches, inflammation and itching. This allergic reaction is due sensitivity to latex, food, or medication.

3.- Angioedema:

It is an inflammation with urticaria that occurs at the level of the eyelids, genitals or mouth, caused by medications, food or other allergens.

4.- Contact dermatitis:

This type of allergy generates blisters, itching and inflammation in the skin. It is caused by direct contact of the skin with the allergen.

5.- Itching without eruption:

It is known as pruritus and it is a itching that appears without presence of rash. If it is in a specific area can indicate a skin condition. But, if it occurs throughout the body is an indication of an internal disease such as thyroid deficiency.

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