Reduce acidity in the stomach naturally and get rid of all that agonizing pain and suffering that you get each time you consume of the foods that triggers it!

Gastric acidity is common in people who have an abundant appetite and thirst, constipation and inflammation of the gums. It is important to treat it to improve the quality of your digestions and your general health.

Reduce acidity in a simple and natural way with the tips that we propose in this article. Try at least one of them and you could also combine them.

Reduce acidity naturally using this!

  1. Combat acidity from the cause

In addition to looking for remedies to end the acidity, it is also crucial to find out what the cause may be. Although these tips give you clues to some possibilities, you must also take into account some possible food intolerance.

The most common intolerances are gluten and lactose, which are part of many of the foods we consume each day.

If you suspect that you may have intolerance to either of these two nutrients, you can eliminate them from your diet for a month and see if you feel better.

  1. Beware of antacids

Conventional drugs that reduce acidity artificially, or even sodium bicarbonate if you take it on a regular basis, can have very harmful long-term effects, as they change the pH of the stomach acids progressively.

Gastric juices must be acidic in order to digest food, so you cannot act continuously with alkaline drugs. Instead, you can follow these tips to do it respectfully and naturally.

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  1. Chew well

Chewing well is the remedy that best fights acidity, in addition to being the simplest. You would be amazed at how many cases you can only improve with this advice.

If you do not chew food well you are adding extra effort to your digestive system, which already has to work hard to digest different foods.

Start chewing each bite until the texture is completely liquid. This will improve your digestion and you will also notice that you quench with less quantity and faster.

  1. Reduce amounts of food

Reducing the amounts and making more meals throughout the day is also a technique that fights acidity as it facilitates digestion. In addition, the above recommendation will help you get it without starving yourself.

You can improve the digestion without taking any remedy and thus to avoid the acidity.

In addition, you can eat something every four or five hours, when you feel like you’ve done the digestion of the previous meal.

  1. Do not mix too many foods

Combining too many foods and different types interferes and makes digestion difficult, causing discomfort such as burning or acidity, gas, heaviness, etc. You should simplify meals and follow these tips:

  • If you eat legumes, combine them only with some vegetable and, at most, some whole grain cereal.
  • Avoid the desserts in the meal, even the fruits, except the pear and the apple.
  • Do not mix meat and fish in one meal.
  • Leave the dairy to eat in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon.
  • Do not drink too much water during the meal. Drink the required amount and get used to drinking more outside of the meals.
  1. Choose alkaline foods

Fight acidity with the opposite force, that is, with alkaline foods that, in addition, are very healthy.

Reduce the consumption of foods more acidifying, such as red meats and sausages, fried, refined flour and sugars, and increase the alkaline:

  • Green leafy vegetables and crucifers.
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Garlic
  • Algae
  • Banana
  • Cayenne
  • Chia
  • Beet
  • Coconut water
  • Red pepper

Include some of these raw foods in each of your meals to make up for the acids, especially when you eat more acidic foods.

  1. The lemon, the neutralizer

If you think of lemon it would not occur to you that it is an excellent medicinal food to avoid acidity, precisely because of its acidic taste. However, the truth is that when you consume lemon, this citrus has the virtue of neutralizing the excess of acids once it reaches the stomach.

For this reason it is highly recommended to take it during the day, in the form of homemade lemonade, season your dishes or even add juice or peeling (if ecological) to digestive infusions after eating.

To have this medicinal property you must avoid mixing it with sugar.

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