Reduce nasal congestion easily and in no time using one of these 4 home treatments that don’t require a lot of means or time!

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having a stuffy nose, which can usually be due to flu, allergy or simply a reaction to climate change.

Here are some of the home remedies to reduce nasal congestion; take note!

Reduce nasal congestion


This is one of the home remedies that help you reduce nasal congestion that involves applying a few drops of water with sea salt. This mixture can help uncover the nostrils. Apply directly to the nose with an injector or container. Excessive use of this remedy can cause other symptoms. Therefore, a moderate use of it is recommended.


Any hot beverage can help to decongest the nostrils. You can use a green or black tea. Even if you like you can add honey and lemon to the same tea and drink it hot. In addition, you can apply the steam technique and inhale the steam coming out of the tea.


One of the best home remedies to reduce nasal congestion is using water vapor. Water vapor helps to clear the nostrils. Place a container to boil; when the water is boiling, remove the container from the kitchen. Try to inhale all the steam in such a way that it will warm your airways and decongest your nose. Eucalyptus leaves also help to decongest in such a way that you can inhale this vapor as well.


Shake your nose with little pressure and perform the following traditional Chinese medicine techniques. Importantly, Chinese medicine carries many more years of study than Western medicine. This focuses on vital energy and human balance. It emphasizes the techniques of phytotherapy, physical exercises, meditation, acupuncture, acupressure and massage. In this case we will apply the technique of acupressure, exerting pressure in the following places:

Press in the center of the eyebrows just where the nose ends. Hold for at least one minute and then at the bottom of the nostrils make a slight rotation movement and repeat several times.


Before the home remedies for nasal congestion, these recommendations can help you prevent this unpleasant moment.

  • If you are allergic to dust, avoid cleaning without using masking.
  • In addition, if you smoke, lower the consumption of tobacco or nicotine since it can also cause nasal congestion.
  • Furthermore, if you are aware of any allergy, obviously, stay away of things you are allergic to.

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