Do you wanna learn how to reduce pressure in a short time, using no medicine? Just follow our lead and learn this trick!

Maybe you did not know, but high blood pressure is related to excessive salt intake, lack of sleep, smoking, high stress and too much alcohol. Most of us have experienced high blood pressure at some point in our lives. It is worth mentioning that this is a bit dangerous if it gets way out of control.

Whether performing physical exercise or under the effects of stress, our muscles tighten, which causes the narrowing of the blood vessels and therefore the blood pressure rises to the point of being able to send us to the hospital.

Is there anything that can be done at that time to regulate the pressure again? How to reduce pressure in a short time? Obviously we should relax the muscles. Now, you ask yourself, how can you achieve this? It is very easy ! A specialist of the football club “Spartak” in Moscow, named Lu Huns, wanted to share some tips of Chinese medicine.

How to reduce pressure within minutes

First and second point

There is a line that you need to follow. It passes behind our earlobe and goes towards the center of our clavicle.

Here you do not need to apply pressure; you simply have to caress it gently by making a movement that is almost imperceptible from your hand, going from behind the ear to the end of the clavicle. Do it with your fingertips. This procedure should be repeated on each side about 10 times.

Third point

You can find this point on the face. It goes from the lobe of our ear to a distance of ½ centimeter up to the nose. For a full minute, massage this point using only the tips of the fingers on each side of your face. Make strong pressure without causing pain. Actually, how the massage goes does not matter; the important thing is to maintain a slight pressure in the established place.

After performing this wonderful trick your blood pressure will return to normal.

It is necessary to keep your blood flow in good working order; otherwise blood stagnation can occur, which would cause a serious disease. So, you know, apply this trick in times like these and do not let things get far. If you do not feel in good condition then visit a specialist, because these points are for prevention and small cases of high blood pressure. You need to see a doctor if your situation is serious.

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