See how can syphilis be transmitted, what this condition really means and how dangerous is it for the health of the human being! BEWARE!

Recently, one newspaper published a truly disturbing news story. It states that the incidence of syphilis has increased 40-fold in a decade in Mexico. That is, an ancient disease, which can we easily prevent and heal, is gaining much force today.

Researchers announced that among Mexican men aged 20-44 the disease has increased 40-fold in 10 years.

One of the researchers, said: “Acquired syphilis is apparently reemerging in Mexico among young men, an increase that is not homogenous in the country. So it is necessary to focus intervention measures for this sexually transmitted infection”. She points out that that evil was going down in the last century.

But what is syphilis?

For the new generations, the word only sounds to them to a rare disease and they do not know its transcendence and facility of contagion. The great-grandparents of these young people are the last generation who feared this terrible suffering.

How can syphilis be transmitted?

Syphilis is an infectious disease, that you can transmit it with sexual intercourse. Also, tou can transmit it by sharing needles with others. The bacterium Treponema causes it and causes widespread systemic infections throughout the body.

Appears in the genitalia generally but also manifests in fingers, tongue and the anorectal region.

A characteristic sign is the appearance of eruptions in the chest, back, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

The funny thing about this disease is that it may not manifest for up to 20 years but when it does and you do not treat it properly it affects the heart, nerves and skeletal muscle system.

Not only in Mexico syphilis is a global problem. Mexican research coincided with the same investigations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and France. And the health problem is not there.

What can we do?

Attentive to take care of the health

Speak clearly about sexuality with the family, educate children about STDs

Take care of adolescents especially as they are a vulnerable population where drug use starts and sexual life begins.

Encourage education and constant learning as well as getting new information about the subject.

As long as human beings refuse to learn from the lessons of the past, we will continue to suffer the same scourges of disease, poverty and ignorance. Let this not happen in your home.

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