Can adults use Johnson baby lotion for their own needs? Yes! We’ll show you the 11 alternative and awesome uses of baby oil that solve ordinary problems!

Baby oil is a perfumed mineral oil with a mild odor, which can be applied on all skin types to leave them soft and moisturized.

In one way or another most of us are familiar with this because, although we do not have a baby at home, we all can use it at some point in our life.

Despite being designed for babies, its versatility and texture make it possible to use it for other purposes in the home and beauty.

As we know that many are unaware of these alternative uses for this product, then we will share the 11 most interesting!

How can adults use Johnson baby lotion in everyday life?

1.- Make-up remover

Mascara and other cosmetic products for the eyes are often laden with chemicals that make them difficult to eliminate.

To do this in two simple steps, rub a little baby oil with your fingertips and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

2.- Remove a chewing gum from the hair

It seems impossible to remove that chewing gum that has accidentally attached to the hair. However, to avoid having to cut the affected portion of hair, it is worth rubbing it with a generous amount of baby oil, let it rest and then remove it.

This simple trick will soften the hair and slide the chewing gum very easily so you do not have to resort to extreme measures.

3.- Depilation

Do not you have a shaving cream? Wait! Rub a good amount of oil on the skin and then proceed to pass the machine.

For its protective and moisturizing properties this will help to avoid possible irritations or ingrown hairs. It will also leave the skin much smoother.

4.- Prevent stretch marks

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the skin tends to stretch a little more and causes an annoying itching that later translates into stretch marks.

The daily baby oil use keeps the belly hydrated and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

5.- Remove wax

Cotton swabs are not recommended as tools to remove excess earwax.

To make this task easier. You should apply a few drops of baby oil to the ear canal. Repeat your application for a couple of days so the wax loosens completely.

6.- Polish the wooden furniture

As with other types of oils, babies are a great ally to highlight the brilliance of all wooden furniture.

You just have to apply a small amount of baby oil. Then, take a clean cloth to spread it all over the surface.

7.- Lip scrub

Take a small spoonful of baby oil, add sugar and rub it with gentle circular massages.

This simple trick works as an alternative to the expensive commercial exfoliating that they distribute in the market.

8.- Improve the bath gel

If you want to improve the effects of your bath gel, add a few drops of this product and shake it before use.

After applying it on the skin you will feel much softer and hydrated.

9.- Lubricant for door hinges

There is no longer any need to buy commercial lubricants to remove the squeak and harshness of old door hinges.

If you add a little baby oil you can restore them to work perfectly again.

1st.- Nail moisturizer

After doing the manicure, apply a little of this oil on the cuticles and nails to provide hydration. Its properties prevent the sensitivity to the enamels and the dryness in that skin that surrounds them.

11.- Moisturize cracked feet

Dryness and cracking on the skin of the feet are very common and quite painful. To speed up your recovery, immerse your feet in warm water, rub them with a pumice stone, then cover them with a thin layer of this oil.

Repeat the treatment every night and in a matter of days you will see more healthy and renewed feet.

Now, do you see how can adults use Johnson baby lotion for their own needs? Do not hesitate to turn it into the solution for many of the tasks you do at home. It is healthy and very economical.

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