Learn how to cover up a bruise quickly, in a few simple steps using one of these homemade remedies! You won’t regret it!

Sometimes, we’re clumsy or we accidentally hit ourselves and we get a giant bruise. Having a bruise is never good; you don’t want to go out on the street having a huge stain on your leg or arms!

Those terrible bruises in some parts of the body become a hematoma which is a dark colored stain. This is nothing more than the clot of the blood.

The symptoms that you would normally experience if you have a bruise are:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Discoloration of the skin (purple stain).

The size of the bruise indicates the intensity of the blow. When they are very large and painful there may be a fracture in the neighboring bone.

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Here we present a series of home remedies that have as purpose “to take the blow”, that is to say, that prevents the formation of the hematoma.

How to cover up a bruise?

1.- A very old traditional remedy is to apply, as soon as you receive a blow, very cold compresses or even pieces of ice on the affected area.

2.- Soak a cotton cloth with some cold vinegar. Apply it on the affected area and prevent the hematoma.

3.- Grind a few leaves of fresh almonds and make with them a poultice to prevent the formation of the hematoma.

4.- Make a plaster with fresh leaves of angelica.

5.- Immediately apply a steak (beef) on the point of impact to calm the pain and prevent the formation of the hematoma.

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