The Earth’s best natural pest management is just a few clicks away from you! Look at the ingredients you’ll need to mix in order to prepare it!

There must be few things as irritable as having to share a room with annoying mosquitoes when you try to sleep after an intense day at work. Having these insects flying around you is not at all healthy, because at the same time, they can be carriers of dangerous diseases.

Something similar happens with flies, which are usually concentrated in the kitchen, attracted by the smells of food. They are also a danger to health and extreme hygiene in a place where food is concentrated is essential. But every time we think about how to eliminate them from our homes, there is the question of how to do it, because the remedy can be worse than the disease.

It is best to resort to the natural insecticides. That’s why we’ll present to you the Earth’s best natural pest management recipe, with ingredients that you already have at home and without danger of toxicity.

Earth’s best natural pest management


100 ml of natural vegetable oil

1 spray bottle

100 ml of vinegar

80 ml of shampoo


Take the bottle and mix all the ingredients to make the insecticide. Shake well to mix all ingredients correctly.

Close the bottle and it will be ready for use.

Spray this solution in areas where you usually encounter flies and mosquitoes: door and window frames, under beds, trash bins, kitchen floors, etc.

You can also use it in the garden and even on clothing and skin, as it does not produce adverse effects because it is a completely natural element.

This will allow you to keep flies and mosquitoes away from your home and family.

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Try this natural, effective and economical recipe as an insecticide in the home. Believe us, this is the Earth’s best natural pest management recipe, so don’t hesitate to SHARE it with other so they could also benefit from it!

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