Severe stretch marks appear on breast for many reasons, such as sudden weight loss or gain or pregnancy. See how to stop or heal them if you already have them!

The famous skin lines, called stretch marks, usually appear on the hips, arms, abdomen and especially breasts. Its appearance is due to the variation of weight, lack of hydration, unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, among others.

In particular, severe stretch marks on breasts appear due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Luckily for you, we have the solution you need. If you want to get rid or prevent severe stretch marks, you’re on the right place.

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As you may well know, many people want to get rid of stretch marks. Therefore, if you want economic methods to eliminate them, pay attention to the following home remedies:

Eliminate or stop severe stretch marks on your breasts

Trick 1:

Soak a little bit of cotton with fresh milk and apply to the affected area every night before bed. This option works as an excellent softener.

Second trick:

Apply aloe Vera gel to your breasts or affected area and let it stand overnight. The next day rinse it with cold water. Repeat the procedure as long as you think necessary.

Trick 3:

Mix equal parts of orange oil and almond oil. Apply the mixture with a circular massage once a day or more for as long as you need it.


Choose the home remedy and apply generously on your breasts or on the affected area with stretch marks. Be persistent and eventually you’ll see the results. Keep in mind that these are natural remedies and need a little bit more time and effort than the others. So, you’ll need patience, but eventually you’ll get what you need.

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