Job shifts have a huge impact on your health, and you may not be aware of it. Although job shifts are necessary, they’re not quite recommended.

Job shifts have a huge impact on your health

The average working hours, let’s say from 7am to 5pm, are the best working hours for your health. You have enough time wake up, do your job, go back home, cook, take care of your kids and pets, and sleep for 7-9 hours. Perfect!  Although, shift work is sometimes a better solution for people with kids, ill loved ones or a second job. They need a balance between taking care of someone home in need and work. That, plus stress from all sides, it’s terrible for your health.

Job shifts have a huge impact on your health

Disruptions of sleep – The regular circle sleep-wake-work-sleep is disturbed with shift jobs. You sleep throughout the day, you work at night, you’re so tired the next morning and you cannot fall asleep for hours… That has an enormous impact on your head. We know it by heart how important sleep is in our lives.

Type 2 diabetes – Due to the disruptions of sleep, you do not eat properly, you’re not eating or living healthy and all of this weakens the insulin resistance.

Brain dysfunction – You’re so tired, you cannot function properly. You don’t remember things, you forget things, you’re lazier than you used to, you cannot finish something that you previously could… These are all signs that you have a brain dysfunction due to the tiredness and lack of concentration.

Cardiovascular problems – It has been reported that nurses, who work rotating night shifts are prone to cardiovascular problems. Again, the sleep-wake circle disruption makes you anxious, weak and unfocused.

Many other health problems may arouse, related to lack of sleep or improper posture during work. General aches are only natural for people of different job choices. Headaches, back pain, leg pain, eye pain are just a few. This is how job shifts have a huge impact on your health. So, if you’re not in a situation where job shifts are the only solution, then you better not take the job.

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