Pain in back and neck and shoulder can usually be due to many factors; however, you’d definitely be surprised by this one! Check it out!

Do you want pain relief without a pill? That pain in back and neck and shoulder is killing you! Well, look no further excuses: you know that the source of the pain is that bag over your shoulder, stuffed with everything from lipstick, full set of makeup, combs, pills, pair of glasses, personal documents, etc.!

Here, we’ll give you a guide to achieving your strongest body position and pain relief without sacrificing a little style.

The great bags or purses seem to be perfect for a modern woman, who never knows what the duties she could have to meet in the course of a day. But all this comes with a potential injury price for your body. The weight of the bag against the muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments, plus the compensation of change in posture to carry the load can lead to headaches, pain in back and neck and shoulder.

Actually, you could suffer severe nerve trauma or degenerative joint disease. When it comes to wearing something heavy each day, the accumulated stress can lead to significant injuries requiring medical attention.

The correct way to carry a bag to avoid pain in back and neck and shoulder

Avoid these injuries by making these four simple adjustments.

  1. Exchange of shoulders

Having your bag on the same shoulder all the time can overload muscles and permanently damage your posture. To avoid this, switch sides every few minutes.

  1. Avoid elbow overload

Keep your bag over your shoulder-not in the curve of your arm. This will prevent elbow injuries like tendinitis.

  1. Imagine you’re doing Pilates

Keep your abs engaged your weight centered on your feet, and your shoulder blades down and back.

  1. Carry the bag diagonally

Carry your heavy bag, through your body, and adjust the strap to minimize the swing. This allows the trunk muscles to carry more load, so the lower back is less tired.

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