Your crying child is trying to communicate with you. Look at these 7 points that you could press on their feet to soothe their pain!

A crying child is a child in need. When your baby is crying it means the same as when you’re crying: you’re either experiencing a terrible pain or you’re somehow emotionally hurting. The latter is not so likely in babies, however, stubborn babies can cry when they don’t get what they want. Meanwhile, crying because something is causing them pain is only naturally.

Discomfort of any kind can make your baby cry for days. Tummy pain, gases, constipation, earache, or anything similar will cause the non-stop crying of your newborn.

Evidently, you cannot bear hearing your crying child, you want to help, but you don’t know how. Your first thought is taking your baby to your pediatrician. That’s not a bad choice; however, you cannot take your baby there any time the baby cries. You need to find your own solutions from time to time.

We’ll show you a picture of 7 points that are on your baby’s feet, which you’ll need to press and will help you in a case of emergency. It’s never bad to have information on how to soothe the crying, right?

Calm your crying child pressing these 7 points on their feet

You must’ve heard so far about foot reflexology in adults. When you press some points on your body, it has therapeutic effects. It’s the same with babies. In fact, babies, not being fully developed, are even more receptive than adults when it comes to reflexology rubs. Their ligaments, muscles and bones are still not completely developed, so rubbing some points on their feet will actually help them improve their state almost immediately.

Tip of the toe

The baby tips of the toe are in relation with their teeth and head in general. Rub or press them gently whenever you suspect that your baby is experiencing teething or some other part of the head problem.

Toe center

In addition, toe center is related to sinuses, so still part of the head. When you can hear that your baby has mucus accumulated in the lungs or nose, just rub the center area of your baby’s toes. The runny nose and all of the difficulties in breathing will go away in a few hours.

Feet balls

The balls of the feet, which are just below the toes necks are in connection with the lungs. Pressing or rubbing this area during colds or any kind of infections will help your baby eat, breathe and sleep better.

Below foot balls

The area below your baby’s foot balls calms tummy problems. Press or rub this area gently, and all of the abdominal problems that your baby is facing will go away. So, in case of upset tummy, spasms or tightness, you’ll know what to do.

Foot soles center

The center of the foot soles is linked to your baby’s upper abdomen. So, if you see that your baby has any bowel movement problems, rub this area.

Lower sole areas

Just a little lower from the sole center, you’ll find the point that helps in cases of large intestine, and of course, gasses. Gasses are usual in newborns, so it is useful to know where to press or rub in order to help them in gases elimination.


Your baby heels link with the pelvic region. So, again, in case of hips or tummy issues, this is where you need to massage your baby.


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