See how to stop having sweaty palms and feeling embarrassed every time you shake hands with someone! Check out the tricks!

Are you one of those people who do not know how to stop having sweaty palms and feet? You may suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies to treat and prevent excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. You can also use these methods, if you anticipate sweating a lot on a particular day, such as in a job interview.

How to stop having sweaty palms and feet?

1. Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are the main defense against excessive sweating. Simply spray your antiperspirant on armpits, hands and feet at night before going to bed on a completely dry skin. The next day, you will be sweat free.

2. Soak with black tea

Soak 5 bags of black tea in 1 quart of water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and cool the liquid. Soak your hands in the home remedy for 30 minutes every night before bedtime to eliminate sweating next day.

3. Witch hazel

It is considered a magic potion for sweat. Wash the palms of your hands or feet with cotton wool soaked in witch hazel. Use this home remedy just before you leave home and avoid doing it frequently as it can dry out your hands and feet.

4. Cold water

Sometimes the simplest remedy may be the best. Cold water is a natural astringent. Soak your hands and feet in cold water for 30 minutes to remove sweat for up to 3 hours.

5. Powdered yeast

The powdered yeast is known to absorb liquids and may, therefore, be effective in sweat absorption. Apply a little yeast powder on your hands or feet, but beware that excess powder can become doughy.

6. Rose water and vinegar

Mixing evenly rose water and vinegar can be a potent remedy against sweating. Apply using a cotton ball over your hands and feet.

7. Potato

Cut a potato in half and rub on hands feet to prevent sweating. It is an effective and economical remedy.

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