The best natural antibiotics for treatment of UTI – urinary tract infection – is right here! Look at the recipe and get rid of the discomfort!

Bladder or urinary tract infections are extremely discomforting, painful, unpleasant and what not! Of course, the most annoying symptom is the urge for frequent urination which is accompanied with a burning sensation while urinating.

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Usually, Escherichia Coli is the main reason for this issue. This is a type of bacteria which cannot be eliminated easily; it is one of the most persistent types of bacteria. Moreover, if that’s the source of the problem, the symptoms become more severe and can develop into cystitis.

That’s why the minute you notice the symptoms, you’ll need to make this best natural antibiotics for treatment of UTI and you’ll need to make it fast!

Natural antibiotics for treatment of UTI


  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • Half a pound of parsley, well-washed
  • ½ pound of organic lemons
  • Half a pound of organic honey

How to prepare it?

First, you’ll need to chop the parsley very nice, into extremely small pieces. Next, you’ll need to add the parsley into a blender or food processor, adding the olive oil. Now, when it comes to the lemons, you’ll need to add them into the blender too, but together with their peels. Finally, blend everything and store the mixture into glass jars with air-tight lids.

You need to keep the jars into the fridge and take one tablespoon on an empty stomach. Any symptom you had will disappear while you’re enjoying the fresh taste of the remedy!

Further tips in urinary tract infection treatment

Drink a lot of liquids

Drinking a lot of water, teas (garlic, parsley, cranberry tea) will help you flush out the bacteria out of your urinary tract faster. Naturally, the need to urinate will increase, but that’s normal; you have that discomfort anyway.

Eat cucumbers

The best body cleansers – cucumbers. They are consist almost completely out of water, so getting rid of the bacteria will be easier.

Baking soda

For the burning sensation to disappear, drink water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda; daily. Better yet, if the burning is unbearable, drink two glasses a day!

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