These exercises to do at your desk for abs are simply amazing! They take no time, they are extremely effective and you can do them in your office!

When you’re sitting all day at work puts you in a lot of risk. You can easily become obese, have varicose veins, become diabetic, and damage your back for good.

Office workouts are never a good idea. First of all, you never have the time even to think about exercising not to mention actually doing them. Second, you have colleagues, supervisors and other staff members that you don’t want seeing them watching you.

But how about we tell you that there are some simple exercises to do at your desk for abs that require no standing up? You can actually do them while you’re still sitting on your chair and at your desk?

Exercises to do at your desk for abs

Exercise number 1 – double knee lifts

First, sit in a way that your knees are touching one another. If your office chair has armrests, put youth ends on them. If not, then just hold the seat with your hands. Your back is straight and you start lifting both of your knees, just right to the chest. Slowly lower them down, without your feet touching the floor. Repeat this exercise for 20 more times.

See? No one can even see you exercising!

Number 2 – pull-ins with your knee

Sit on the edge of the chair (with no wheels) with your feet touching the ground firmly, so you don’t fall. Feet are hip width apart and your back is straight. Pull your belly toward your spine and start lifting the knee, just like in the previous exercise, but this time lift only one leg. To stretch even more, spread your arms so that the one is in the air and the other one is touching your toes. Do the same thing on the other side, lifting the other leg and changing the arms. Of course, repeat this one 20 times as well.

Next, pull ups

Now that you’ve shaken your arms and shoulders a little bit, let’s continue working them a little bit more. Make sure that you find a chair without wheels for this one as well. Now, sit on the chair and press it against the wall with your arms pressing the armrests. Now, while you’re pressing with your arms, push your entire body off the chair, upwards, while using your abs for stabilization and knee support. Holding your knees together, abs tight and arms straight; hold as long as you can. You’ll feel your abs burning and working like crazy!

N.4, work the oblique

This one is for your oblique and it is similar to the first one. Arms on armrests, lean on one side of the chair, partially lifting your butt form your chair. Lift both of your knees. Put them back without touching the floor, just like in the first exercise. Change sides and repeat the same motion. Do each side for 20 times.