Oh, gosh, back fat and underarm flab are a nightmare! Right? You cannot wear your favorite dress, you cannot be confident in your own clothes… Guess what? Help is right around the corner!

Back Fat and Underarm Flab

Women often find themselves battling with back fat and underarm flab. They go to a store, see the most wonderful dress ever, and they try it. Here goes the disappointment… That underarm flab is so obvious, it hurts the eyes. Turn around, and there it is: back fat all over the place! But don’t panic! We have a solution. It involves 3 powerful, yet considerably easy exercises that will give results after just a few weeks.

The best back fat and underarm flab exercise

This one is named the best for a reason. You’re working almost all of your upper body parts. It’s pretty similar to regular push up, but modified and more challenging. So, you go into a position for a push put, shoulders width apart, palms facing the floor, legs straight… Now here comes the best part: go down into a push up and while going up, take the right arm and touch the left shoulder. So, in one moment, you’re standing on just one arm while the other one is touching the shoulder. In this way, you’re working your biceps, triceps, shoulder and underarm. This exercise is slaying, right?


Extend straight and lift your arms shoulder-high. Now crisscross them. As simply as that. This exercise is working in your favor! You’re working both back fat and underarm flab. If you want to challenge yourself, do the mummy kicks. The arms stay in the same position, crisscrossing… Now simultaneously do hop kicks. In this way, you’re also working your abs, legs, and arms.


Lift your arms at sides, lift up and down, front and back, circle… do whatever you want in this position. It would be beneficial for you in any way. You’re eliminating your back fat and underarm flab in the same time.