Your buttocks shape is telling you what’s going on with your health. Find your buttocks shape and read about your health problems!

Fat storage is never good for your health, no matter where it is stored. In fact, when fat stores in some particular part of your body, it says something about your overall health.

For example, you can learn a lot from your buttocks shape. Not only the size but the shape as well tell what is wrong with your health and what you need to work on in order to improve it.

What your buttocks shape says about your health?

Round buttocks

If your buttocks shape is circle, you’re just fine. This shape indicates that you’re perfectly healthy and it’s probably the healthiest shape of buttocks. However, if you’re not happy with your looks, and you see extra fat in the upper glutes part, near the top, try doing some exercises.

Square buttocks

When you have square or ‘H’-shaped buttocks, it might mean that your glutes are not strong enough. Doing exercises that will strengthen the glute muscles is the best solution. There are plenty of glute exercises, but if you don’t like them, simple core exercises can do the work as well. Also, this shape might tell you that you have extra fat in the love handles; so you could try some side exercises as well.

‘V’ buttocks

This shape shows low estrogen levels, and it is symbolic for older women. The lack of estrogen causes the buttocks to become enlarged and look like the letter ‘V’. If you do have this shape, try leading a healthier lifestyle; try walking more and eating healthier food. This ‘simple’ problem can actually cause heart problems, so start caring about your health right away.

Heart or ‘A’-shaped buttocks

Women love and linger for this type of shape. It’s perfect: your buttocks are fullest in the bottom and thinnest in the waist. However, this shape might indicate that you have more than enough fat in the upper thighs. So, in any case, you’ll need to do workout to eliminate this thigh fat, because fat is never welcomed.

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