Constant sore neck is a thing many people suffer from; usually it is because of bad posture but not exclusively; check out how to relieve the pain!

Neck pain, whether caused by a car accident, sleeping in an uncomfortable posture, or bending your back in front of a computer for hours every day can be very damaging. Another one of the causes very common today, is caused by the dreaded stress.

It is not difficult to see why, when we look at the anatomy of the neck. It consists of several bones, ligaments and muscles, all of which support your head and encourage movement. Research shows that neck strengthening exercises can be very important when it comes to preventing uncomfortable neck pains. Constant sore neck can be easily corrected and relieved with this simple technique.

Exercise for constant sore neck

First step

Determine from which side the pain comes by turning the head in any direction. For example, if the pain comes from the left side of your neck, you will feel pain when turning in that direction.

Then take your hand, and while turning your head to the side where the pain comes, press on that particular point of the neck with your fingers. Continue to turn your head in the opposite direction to the side of the pain, with the help of your fingers.

Step 2

Turn in the direction of the neck pain and place the hand on the opposite side on the top of your head.

Pull down in the opposite direction until you feel a stretch. Hold for a few seconds, and then pull harder. Repeat until you have completed the range of motion.

Final step

Finally, take the hand on the same side of the neck that you feel pain and form a fist. Rest your knuckles against your neck and lean on your fist.

With this simple and effective trick you will feel an immediate relief from your annoying constant sore neck.

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