exercise tips for beginners

First of all, no matter which exercises you’re doing, you need to stay focused and do not give up. The first week of exercising is the most difficult one: you feel like you cannot do it no matter how hard you try, you think that this workout is too difficult for you and you are always to the edge of giving up. Well, trust us, as soon as week one passes, you’ll see that it gets easier.

Also, many beginners start losing hope if they don’t see the wanted results immediately. It takes time for the results to show up, but trust us, they will show up. Be patient. Your body has just received a new way of moving and in a matter of weeks, the results will blow your mind.

It’s all about the habit. When you make yourself a schedule of your daily duties, don’t forget to leave out space for a precise hour when you do the exercises. As the time passes, you’ll get used to the thought that at that particular hour you need to exercise. And before you notice, bam, the workout becomes one of your many daily duties. Stay committed to that schedule!

Now that we cleared that up, it’s time to actually talk about the exercises. You need to start slow. Never forget to warm up, do the main exercise and cool down. These are the three essential parts of every workout. As for the time matter, you should probably start with a shorter version, and then increase the workouts for five or ten minutes each day. As soon as your form gets better and you feel more flexible, you’ll see for yourself that you will need those increments. Chart your progress; see how long you “survived” yesterday, 3 days ago, last month. Your improvement will be the greatest motivation that you can imagine.

The most important thing for you to remember is to challenge yourself. Do not constantly do the same exercises. At the same moment you realize that you’re becoming good at a particular exercise, immediately switch to a next one, more challenging one. There is no progress if you are doing the same thing over and over again.

Needless to say, drink a lot of water. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of drinking water during workouts, but you’ll see for yourself, your body will ask for itself. You will drink at least 2 liters of water in a matter of hours.