You can try different positions to relieve constipation at home using no medications. All you need to do is perform these simple exercises and your metabolism will improve!

Constipation is a more common problem than it seems. This is usually caused by some problem with the digestive system. Those who have this issue know how uncomfortable it is to suffer from this evil.

In order to combat it, many resort to drugs because without them, they cannot go to the bathroom. However, after performing the following exercises, you’ll see that these are the best positions to relieve constipation in a matter of seconds and go to the bathroom fast.

Positions to relieve constipation

Trunk flexion:

Posture: you should be sitting on the floor with your feet straight. Then flex the trunk, trying to touch the tip of your feet with your hands. As you perform the movement, try to breathe with the abdomen. That is, when breathing, inflate and deflate the belly. If you find it difficult, flex one leg and touch the other. This exercise should be done for 2 minutes.

Contraindications: herniated disc or lumbar problems.

The nail:

Posture: Lay on your back, stretch your legs up, resting your hands on the back. Like the previous exercise, breathe with the abdomen. You can also put the pelvis on the floor, leaning on your forearms and placing your legs on the wall. Then perform 3 to 4 abdominal contractions, smooth but fast after each breath. Do this exercise for 2 minutes. If you are pregnant, do not do this exercise.

Contraindications: cervical problems.

Abdominal respiration:

Posture: lay on your back with your legs semi-flexed and your hands placed in the abdomen. Next, breathe with the stomach and exhale with the navel in the direction of the floor. Repeat this process for at least 5 minutes.

Contraindications: None.


Posture: Put yourself in a squatting position, with or without wall support. The feet should be fully supported on the floor. Now perform abdominal breaths, inflating the belly when inhaling and deflating when exhaling. Never lose your position. Do this for 2 minutes.

Contraindications: None.

Abdominal massage:

Posture: Turn your back upside down with your legs bent. Next, perform a delicate massage in the direction of the emptying of the colon. Start at the right side of the abdomen; go through the upper part of the navel, down the left flank. You can also use a ball to perform this massage. Do this exercise for 2 minutes.

Abdominal breathing hugging legs:

Posture: As its name implies, sit on the floor and hug our knees. Subsequently, perform the same abdominal breathing described above. Repeat the process for 2 minutes. If you are pregnant, you should open your knees slightly so as not to put pressure on your belly.

Contraindications: None.

Cat’s Loin:

Posture: You face down and stand on 4 limbs. Next, perform the abdominal breathing described above. Perform the exercise for 2 minutes.

Contraindications: None.

As you can see, these are fairly easy positions to relieve constipation and give fast results. Do not hesitate to try them. As soon as you do them, you’ll have no more problems with constipation.

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