Do A Single 4-Minute Exercise For 28 Days And Be Amazed By Your Own Looks

A single 4-minute exercise for 28 days can change your looks? Why don’t you check out and see how it works. You’d be surprised!

We all want a great body. That’s a fact. And we want to have it no matter what. Some try diets, some try hard workouts. Some of us are lazier then others and we want shortcuts. We want to have a great body with minimum effort. Well, what’s shorter than 4 minutes? Can you believe that you can actually have a toned body with less than 4 minutes of exercising every day?

The truth is, what we’re talking about is a ‘simple’ plank. The plank is the best full-body exercise and it’s really effective. The trick is how long you can resist. Resistance is the key in this exercise. But with our help and our plan, be sure that you’ll manage to resist 4 minutes. Of course, we’ll gradually get to that figure, but anyways, you’ll get there.

A single 4-minute exercise for 28 days – The Plan

As we said, we need to gradually get to those 4 minutes. So, the plan is simple:

Day: 1 & 2 – 20 sec; 3&4 – 30 sec; 5-6 – 40 sec; 7 – rest;

8&9 – 50 sec; 10&11 – 60 sec; 12&13 – 90 sec; 14 –rest;

15&16 – 90 sec; 17-18 – 120 sec; 19-20 – 150 sec; 21- rest;

22&23 – 180 sec; 24&25 – 210; 26&27 – 240 sec; 28 – try your best!

You’d think this is easy, right? Well, let’s see how you should do the planks. First lay on the ground. Now, get a little bit up, in a position for push-ups. So, your back is straight, your elbows are parallel to your toes and your abs are contracted. Your head is straight in line with your back. And that’s it. This is a plank. Now, inhale and exhale. Stay strong. Contract all of your muscles, because you can only resist if you’re doing your best. Look at the photo. That should be you.

single 4-minute exercise for 28 days

Once you master the plank, you can do whatever you want. You can do the most difficult workouts feeling strong enough to do even more. But in order to master it, you need a good plan, such as this one. And in order for this plan to work, you need to stay in the position that we just described.