If these signs of eating too much salt appear, you need to reduce its consumption. Excessive salt in the organism can cause a lot of health damage!

Our body is fully equipped to deal with any evil. Even if we ourselves provoke it, the body can defend itself. One of these evils that can damage our health is excess salt consumption.

The body sends clear signs of eating too much salt and begs us to reduce its consumption. If we do not, we are in danger of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, lack of calcium or fluid retention.

You may wonder how do I know if I’m getting the right amount of salt? If you do, you’re not the only one. Hundreds of thousands out there are asking the same question as you. The good news is that in this article we will teach you to know if your salt levels are above recommended. Pay attention to the following 4 signs of eating too much salt that the body presents.

4 signs of eating too much salt

Frequent urination or urination

It is often said that urinating very often is the fault of excessive water consumption. However, excessive salt consumption also has this effect. This happens because the kidneys work excessively to remove excess salt. So if you go to the bathroom a lot and do not drink so much water, you may need to reduce your salt intake.

Persistent headaches

As we know, the salt is rich in sodium. According to one study, consuming 3500 mg of sodium per day, you increase the duration of headaches by 33%. This is 33% more than those who consume only 1500 mg per day.

High blood pressure also maintains a very close link to this malady. Another study confirmed that those who are overweight have migraines more frequent than the others. So if you are overweight or have frequent headaches, you may need a diet change.


When consuming a lot of salt, the brain sends a signal of thirst and dryness in the mouth. What happens is that the body needs water to balance salt in the body. That is why, when consuming a lot of salt we are very thirsty. Our body is trying to balance salt levels. So, if you’re thirsty lately, your body is sending you signs of eating too much salt.

Fog in the brain

By ingesting too much salt, the brain begins to dehydrate. As a result, it begins to function poorly. Hence, under these conditions, people have a much lower cognitive performance.

If you notice that your body is giving you these signs lately, you probably consume too much salt. In that case, try to modify your diet and add less salt to your food. That way, you can avoid these dangers.

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