You may not know the foods that give you pimples and acne, you keep eating them and you cannot have a flawless face. Let’s correct that and give you the beauty you deserve!

As you know, what we eat and drink directly reflects on our body and our health. On one hand, some foods are good for our overall health and nutritionists recommend them. On the other hand, there are some foods and drinks that nutritionists warn us about all the time, but we still use them no matter what.

Precisely that is what makes your skin look, well, ugly. You’re constantly experiencing acne problems, awful pimples and blackheads. What can you do about it? Of course, the first thought that pops on your mind is cosmetics. Cosmetics are bad, really bad for your skin. It is full with dangerous and toxic chemicals that do more harm than good for your skin.

Instead, what you should do is improve your eating and drinking habits; ergo, change your diet. The minute you exclude the following foods that give you pimples and acnes you’ll see improvement and you’ll finally walk proud and free of any skin problems.

5 foods that give you pimples and acnes


Although it sounds silly and completely incomprehensible, alcohol does cause pimples and acne. Beer, wine and cocktails actually dehydrate your skin and cause all kinds of skin problems; wrinkles as well.


An excessive consumption of salt leads to severe dehydration. Your skin doesn’t have the necessary strength to fight the swelling and drainage caused by dehydration and gives you the result: acne and pimples.


Believe it or not, seafood, shells more precisely are the main acne causers. The regular consumption of this type of food closes your pores and whatever dirt and chemicals were attached to your skin, get the form of pimples in an instant.

Grains and bread

Bread increases insulin and causes many health problems, including acne appearance. That’s why everyone who visits a dermatologist to solve this problem gets the recommendation to avoid eating bread and grains.

Dairy, especially milk

Dairy products are rich in bioavailable hormones. And what’s the most dangerous acne cause? Hormone imbalance. You put your skin under a lot of stress when you cause hormone imbalance. If you eat great amounts of dairy and drink milk all the time, you’re only doing harm to your skin and no matter what you do to fight acne and pimples, you end up with the same result

In order to solve this skin problem, other than avoiding these foods that give you pimples and acne, start using more the following foods:

  • Broccoli (full with vitamins A, E, B, C)
  • Brown rice (rich in vitamin B and proteins)
  • Catfish and tuna (loaded with omega 6 and 3 fatty acids)
  • Avocados (rich in vitamin E)