10 Awesome Banana Peel Benefits That You’ve Never Heard Of!

Amazing banana peel benefits exist that you wouldn’t even imagine. See all the alternative banana peel uses and put them into practice today!

It is no secret that banana is one of the most consumed and delicious fruits that nature offers us. They are quite soft, sweet and satiating, and provide large amounts of nutrients for health.

As usual most people only eat the white pulp that is in the banana and then discard the peel without knowing the great banana peel benefits that it has for our health.

But … Did you know that the peel that you discard has important nutrients and properties? This is not a joke! Right in this part of the banana, all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are concentrated which can be quite useful for the health, beauty and home.

Maybe you still do not know what are those banana peel benefits and how to get the best advantage of them, but today you’re about to find out. We are going to show you the 10 ways to make the banana peel your allies.

10 banana peel benefits

Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are everywhere, especially in countries where there are warm climates. An ideal trick to reduce the inflammation and itching that the bites generate is to rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected area.

To this date there have been no studies that certify this to 100%, but many people have used it and comment that works great.

To have shiny shoes

Did you run out of your bitumen box? Do not worry about it! All you have to do is rub the peel of the banana on the surface of the shoes and you will be able to get that glitter that you so much need to get from them.

After rubbing the banana peel, take a cloth and clean it a little to remove any residue of banana peel remaining. In case you did not know, the bitumen is a product that contains potassium and the peel of this fruit is one of the sources of this mineral.

Get whiter teeth

Beforehand we should warn you that this is not a product that works wonders and will leave the teeth as if you had done a professional treatment, however its potassium property helps reduce the yellowish stains that are formed from certain foods.

Try to choose a banana that is fully ripe and use the inside of its peel to rub your teeth until you completely cover them with that white part that the fruit has.

After applying the treatment you should only brush as you always do. Repeat it every day and you will see the results.

Helps remove warts

Although many do not believe it, warts are usually very contagious and should be treated with extreme care so they do not spread to other areas of the skin.

The inside of the banana peel has excellent properties to reduce its unsightly appearance on the dermis; for this, cut a small piece and fix it on the wart using an adhesive tape.

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Repeating this same process every day and you will achieve results in a very short time.

It is good for softening meat

You feel that the meat you are cooking is very hard? The solution is simple! Incorporate 1 banana peel into the pan or pot in which you are cooking. Those who have used this trick assure that besides softening the meat, the banana peel also leaves it juicier.

Excellent for bruises

The banana peel has an anti-inflammatory action which helps to reduce bruises that are painful and unsightly for your skin. For this, rub the peel on the affected area several times a day and you will leave it there using an adhesive tape.

Serves as fertilizer for the garden

Due to all the nutrients that are part of the banana peel benefits, the peel is perfect as an organic compost to nourish the plants and remove pests from your garden. It contains magnesium, calcium and minerals that help the fertilization of the flowers, and therefore these will look beautiful and will not wilt as fast.

Helps for acne removal

The inner peel of the banana has astringent nutrients which are very beneficial to the skin, which is ideal for treating acne. In fact, the banana peel benefits for the skin are the most famous ones.

Every night before going to sleep rub all over the face with emphasis on the most affected parts, let it act twenty minutes and then rinse.

Perfect in reducing wrinkles

As we mentioned before, this is not a product with immediate effects but, because of its important content of antioxidants and vitamin C, can help you reduce in the long term those small wrinkles that come with age.

So rubbing the inside of the peel on different areas of the face and even the neck, stimulates the production of collagen and helps in improving circulation.

It is effective to bring out the brilliance of silver

That silver that looks awful from the dirt can recover its brightness with the aid of banana peel. For this you only have to moisten the inside of a banana peel with water and rub it on the silver items. Then wipe a damp cloth over to dry it and remove any debris.

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