There’s a ton of bay leaf health benefits, but these 6 are the most awesome and useful! Check them out and you’ll never stop using bay leaves!

Bay leaves are commonly used in cooking. They give a special flavor and smell to our food and we simply love it! However, there are many other bay leaf health benefits that you could use in order to solve many health and household problems that you might be facing!

Bay leaf health benefits and uses

1. Medicine

This plant has been used for centuries by the Greeks in order to cure and treat many medical conditions. This is due to bay leaves anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It is especially effective in treating bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, epilepsy and insomnia.

2. Aromatherapy

Believe it or not, bay leaves give the perfect aromatherapy. Its smell is soothing, relieves stress and helps in improving your mood. All you need to do to use it at home is find a fireproof bowl or container and light one bay leaf! You’ll be amazed how the bay leaf will lift the mood in the house!

3. Cockroaches repelling

Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves. If you burn one bay leaf, as described previously, or you put bay leaves all over your house floors, you’ll efficiently and permanently get rid of cockroaches and other annoying insects. Moreover, this solution is chemicals-free, is perfectly natural and is safe for kids to be around; getting rid of pests is not always easy and it usually involves a lot of chemical and toxins use.

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4. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases treatment solution

If you use 1-3 grams of bay leaf daily, your glucose and cholesterol levels will be regulated. This is due to the polyphenols that bay leaves contain, which are super powerful antioxidants and help in the treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

5. Breast cancer treatment solution

Latest research shows that bay leaves contain an extract that could assist the process of apoptosis, or the process of cancerous cell death. So, if you’re a breast cancer patient or survivor, start using bay leaves as additional means in the battle with cancer.

6. Wounds cure

Bay leaves have healing properties that reduce inflammation in wounds. All you need to do is rub a bay leaf a little and then put it on a small wound. You’ll feel instant pain relief and inflammation reducing!