See which are the best foods for stomach health, gastritis treatment and prevention and intestinal flora cleanse. Consume them as often as possible!

Our stomach is a very important vital organ which must be taken care of because it is very delicate. Without this organ we cannot live. It is in charge of performing the process of digestion of the food we eat day by day.

There are several diseases that attack the stomach; within these we can mention gastritis. It is a common illness in people that causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the stomach. A bad diet directly influences the diseases that affect our stomach.

There are other factors that trigger stomach diseases, such as: tobacco use, stress, skipping meals, alcohol, and use of certain medications, among others.

All these factors can be detrimental to your stomach health. Likewise, natural medicine provides us with some products that are capable of relieving these diseases and rebuilding our intestinal flora. Look at the list of best foods for stomach health and treatment of stomach diseases.

Best foods for stomach health, gastritis and rebuilding of the intestinal flora

Rice water

Bring a quart of water to the boil by adding 2 handfuls of rice. When it is ready let it cool, then strain the resulting water and ingest it. Drink this water every day.

Apple and chamomile

Bring these two ingredients to boil. When they are ready, drink the resulting water every day.

Ginger and pear

It is the same procedure as the previous recipe.

Parsley water

Blend a liter of water with several sprigs of parsley and consume the mixture every day.

Carrot and celery juice

Blend these two ingredients with water and eat this shake every day.

As you can see, the best foods for stomach health are veggies, fruits and water. Avoiding processed and fatty foods is essential when it comes to gastritis problems. Don’t forget to exclude alcohol and cigarettes from your daily routines list. Live a healthier life and you won’t experience any delicate stomach problem.

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