Cataract Patients, See How To Use This Fruit To Cure Your Disease!

All cataract patients should learn about this fruit; it is perfect for the treatment of this condition and many more diseases! See how to use it!

Fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals and properties that are beneficial to your overall health. Their daily intake will make your life healthier and your body will work better.

One of these fruits is the guava. This fruit has a high content of vitamin C and according to the experts this one of the fruits that contains great amount of vitamins and is used in the natural medicine.

Guava is known in Brazil as “Goiba” and typical of tropical countries, it grows in a small shrub. It can be consumed in varied ways, directly meals, in juices, in sweets or in ice cream.

This powerful fruit consists of a large number of small seeds which have antiseptic, astringent and anthelmintic properties. It has the ability to eliminate the bacteria, fungi and amoebas found in the body.

Properties and benefits of guava

For healing wounds

The use of guava is not limited to the consumption; in fact, the leaves of the plant can also be used to heal the wounds.

To relieve toothaches

This fruit also has an anesthetic power in the oral field, so it can be used to relieve toothaches.

If it is to be used for this purpose you should only cook some leaves in half a liter of water, then leave it to stand and pass through a strainer. Then proceed to perform mouthwash which will help relieve dental pain.

For treating diarrhea

The use of the leaves of the guava tree can be very useful and very effective for treating diarrhea. If you cook some leaves you can use them to relieve sore throat, dizziness, vomiting, various stomach problems and even menstrual pain.

Useful for cataract patients

One of the most powerful benefits guava has is that it is a natural antioxidant and has a large amount of a compound called quercetin. This compound prevents the formation of sorbitol which is the sugar that produces a white cloud in your eyes called cataracts.

This degenerative disease mainly affects the elderly and prevents cataract patients from having an optimal vision. In addition guava contains folic acid and B-complex vitamins.

Other uses

It helps to eliminate bad breath and gingivitis; it is also recommended for pregnant women as it can prevent malformations in the fetus.

So do not hesitate to increase your consumption of guava.

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