You’ve probably never heard of benefits of eating egg shells in your entire life! But check them out and you’ll stop throwing them and start consuming them!

Literally, all of us throw away the egg shells when they are making an omelet or a cake. We’ve never heard of people who eat the egg shells as well, right?

I mean, why on Earth would I eat egg shells? They are hard, probably have no taste and how would I even consume them?

Well, here’s the secret: there are ways and benefits of eating egg shells and you’re about to learn them! It turns out that egg shells are not as useless as we thought they were.

Benefits of eating egg shells

Egg shells provide many health benefits, the most important one being the source of calcium. They provide a great amount of calcium and other minerals needed for our body. The body easily absorbs the calcium from the shells and digests it right away.

This amount of calcium is amazingly enough the same as the one in our bones and teeth and it plays an important role in the function of the nerves and muscles.

If you consume half an egg shell, you’ll have consumed the recommended daily calcium intake. It is that rich in calcium. So with only half an egg shell you’ll boost bone strengthening, cholesterol control and blood pressure regulation.

But how can one eat an egg shell? Very simple. Follow the procedure and you’ll make no mistake. The thing is, egg shells can only be edible if they are crushed.

Boil some eggs in the same way you would normally boil them: wait for the water to start boiling, add the eggs and wait for 10 minutes. In this way, all the dirt and bacteria gets destroyed and they are ready to be eaten.

Now, leave the eggs cool down for a while, leaving time for the shell to dry. After that, crush the egg shells and put the boiled eggs in a container and into the fridge.

Here comes the most important part: take all of the egg shells and put them into a blender or a food processor. Or, if you have some spare time, crush them with your own hands, making a powder out of them.

Once the powder is ready, put it into a sterilized, glass jar. Add at least one tablespoon every day in your smoothies, tea, cereals or even meals.