Should you drink water with a meal? Nah-ha, because you’re not aiding the digestion process, you’re slowing it! See how and why!

Enjoying a delicious and hot meal is one of the things in this world that are priceless. Some will agree with me that food is best enjoyed when you have a glass of water or some other type of drink accompanying every bite you give. Many people cannot even eat if they do not have water because they eat and drink at the same time.

Should you drink water with a meal?

If you belong to the group of people who do these actions simultaneously, then let me tell you that you have been committing a very serious mistake that could harm your health. If you want to know what are the fundamentals we have to make this statement, then stay with us and continue reading. You will discover why it is so harmful for our health to ingest liquids while we eat.

Simultaneous eating and drinking is not healthy!

Experts on this topic clarify that doing this can cause bloating, indigestion and consequently prevent the nutrients from the meals to not be absorbed properly. Have you seen what happens when you make your meals solid, such as a plate of rice? As it becomes a paste and it takes on an unpleasant appearance, the same thing happens inside your stomach.

This besides being an unpleasant practice is very dangerous. It happens that our stomach generates special acids to digest the solid foods that arrive. When you eat and drink water, the liquid that the stomach receives deprives the acid produced, so that digestion takes longer.

But this is not all. The more you drink, the more you take away the acids and the stomach interprets that you do not want them to occur. When you eat and then drink liquids the digestion stops because it must separate the liquids from the solid. The case is worse when you drink cold drinks; the stomach has to work double because it has to turn the cold liquid at body temperature and then separate it from food. You could avoid all this if you did not drink while you eat.

When to drink your water?

It is most advisable to drink water 30 or 40 minutes before or after eating, not while eating. At first leaving the bad habit of drinking liquids while you eat can be difficult, but once you get used to it will do you good and you will notice how you will avoid many digestive disorders.

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