Goji Berries – The Secret Of Longevity: Nutrition facts

Goji berries seem like one of the less known yet most powerful berries that can be found. Mostly because they were promoted some years ago, but Chinese have been using them for generations. Find out why!

goji berries

Goji berries – What are they?

Judging by their taste, goji berries are not what you’d expect from a berry. They are neither sour, nor sweet. Exactly that’s what makes them perfect in any food combination, either sweet or salty. As for their origin, they come from Asia. Before we came to know them, Asians have been using these magic berries as means for longevity and source of great amount of nutrients.

Nutrition facts

These berries are extremely rich in nutrients. Did you know that goji berries have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more iron than spinach? Well, good that you’re reading this. You’ll see all of the nutrients that they provide.

8 out of the 18 amino acids found in goji berries are essential for the human body and cannot be produced by it, so they must come from food. So, by using these berries you’re unconsciously helping your body! Yay!

What about minerals? They’re full with minerals! Other than iron that we mentioned, there’s 20 more of them. Also, they’re high in fiber and low in calories. So they fit perfectly for your healthy diet. In fact, if you intake a handful of these berries, you’ll have 10 percent of the suggested amount of dietary protein, which is so surprising for a fruit, right? That’s like the same amount of protein like that from a piece of meat! Wow, pretty awesome!

Fight diseases? Which ones?

Blood sugar, blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, any inflammations… and these are just a few. Numerous studies have shown that these berries rise energy level and improve the digestive system. The antioxidants found in these berries help in the regeneration of cells. And many, many more reasons why you should consume these magical fruits. And judging by all these previously stated benefits, there’s no room for doubt!

How could you consume them?

Pretty simple: like an ordinary berry, fresh. Or, dried or even in tea. There are also goji juices. And as we said, you can either put them in a salad, smoothie, cereals, yogurt or even in turkey or pork. They always taste amazingly good and give a special touch on each meal.

Hard to resist, ha?