How to have a good body odor? Have you noticed that you’re emitting some weird, awful body odor? Avoid these foods and you’ll have no further problems.

Are you aware that after eating or drinking certain foods and drinks your sweat, pee or general body odor changes? Actually, it stinks?

This happens when you consume the following 10 foods. How to have a good body odor then? Strictly avoid these foods and your body odor will go back to normal.

How to have a good body odor? Forget about these 10 foods!

  1. Onions

  • Other than causing teary eyes, onions have a general bad smell. If you’re cooking and using onion, the smell of it lingers on your skin even if you take a bath. The smell is difficult to wash off, and there’s more. When you consume onions, your pee, breath and sweat start smelling on onions. This is not a good thing when you’re travelling with someone or when you’re sharing the bathroom.
  1. Garlic

  • Garlic health benefits are endless. Despite that, many people don’t eat garlic due to the bad breath thing. Its aroma stays present in your organism the whole day; sometimes even the day after.
  1. Durian fruit

  • This is the top enemy of the nice breath. No matter how much you brush your teeth, try chewing gums or something else that’s supposed to kill bad breath, the atrocious, disgusting smell stays.
  1. Red meat

  • Red meat is hard for your body to digest and break it down. When you eat red meat regularly, your whole body starts smelling foully. Limit the red meat consumption to avoid being ignored by people.
  1. Dairy

  • Dairy products can cause some difficult and embarrassing smell that can come out of your body in the form of gas, pee or feces.
  1. Cruciferous veggies

  • When you eat broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower, you’re causing gas that smells like rotten eggs. Imagine accidentally farting in front of someone after eating these foods? Disgusting, right?
  1. Spices

  • Cumin, ground garlic, curry linger on your breath, clothing and skin for a long time after you’ve consumed them. Although they give an exquisite taste to your food, you’re at risk of smelling bad in front of people.
  1. Asparagus

  • This veggie is known for making your pee stink. Your pee stinks so much that the smell easily leaves the bathroom walls and spreads into the other rooms. Yes, it’s that serious.
  1. Fish

  • Fish is amazing for you general health, especially for your vision. However, the fishy smell all fish have stays on your fingers, thus your skin and on your breath. Your breath after eating fish is greatly unappealing.
  1. Junk foods

  • Revolting gas, smelly pee and stinking sweat are only reasonable if you’re eating junk food. You probably know that they are full with preservatives and chemicals, so it’s only natural that your body is trying to get rid of them, unfortunately, in the most embarrassing way for you.

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