Plastic rice test will help you save your life and the life of your loved ones. Beware and identify the plastic rice using this simple test!

We use rice almost every day. Each cuisine in the world uses rice in different ways. However, rice is the essential ingredient in Chine, of course. That’s why Chine distributes the biggest percent of rice throughout the world.

Furthermore, China produces over 190millions tons of rice in a year. This means that China is not always producing the best quality rice. No one can produce natural rice in those great amounts in one year. So, Chine is using pesticides to produce rice and this kind of rice is very dangerous.

Actually, 3 portions of this rice that is not produced naturally and contains plastic that equals one little plastic bag! So, by doing plastic rice test, you can be sure whether you’re eating normal, natural or ‘plastic’ rice.

Plastic rice test – Choose from these 4 tests

Pestle and mortar test

Take a pestle and a mortar and start crushing your rice. If the crushed rice is still white and it has a starchy powder, that’s natural rice. If there’s yellowish discoloration, it means that this is the ‘plastic’ rice.

Mold test

This test can be applied on already cooked rice. So, you’ll need to cook your rice, add it in an airtight container and put it in some warm corner of your house. Leave it there for a few days. Few days after, check whether there’s mold in the container; if there is, then the rice is real. If there’s no mold near the rice, that means that this is the fake rice. Fake, plastic rice is mold free.

Water test

Take one handful of rice and put it in a glass of cold water. If you see the rice still floating on the surface, it’s fake. Natural rice will sink and be on the bottom of the glass after a while; rice should absorb water and sink.

Fire test

This is probably the simplest test if you’re in a hurry. Take a match or a lighter and fire up the rice. If it doesn’t smell, then the rice is safe to eat. If it smells like burning plastic and burns real fast, then it’s fake rice.