You Need A Treatment For Potassium Deficiency If You Notice These Signs And Symptoms!

A natural treatment for potassium deficiency would be a perfect solution if you notice these signs and symptoms. See which are they and act on time!

Potassium is one of the nutrients that our body must have so that the cells have an optimum functioning; this way guarantees an even more efficient functionality for the nerves and the muscles of our organism. Therefore, if we have potassium deficiency, this can become a problem.

A balanced diet full of the complete nutrients that the body needs is ideal to maintain all the balanced values. Especially the one of the potassium, since its presence in the blood must have a corresponding level. In the course of the day, potassium levels are constantly regulated, i.e. when we consume certain foods the potassium is transported to the cells that in turn activate certain mechanisms in the body.

These levels of potassium can decrease gradually, causing the body to be prone to different diseases. Among the most common causes of potassium deficiency are: vomiting and diarrhea, gastroenteritis or other intestinal infection, laxative abuse, use of diuretics, excessive consumption of salt or sugar, inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables a day, kidney diseases and excessive sweating due to weather or sport.

Know the symptoms of lack of potassium

To find out if you have potassium deficiency in the body, we share the main symptoms:

  • Sudden contractions in the muscles of the legs or cramps
  • Muscle weakness, fatigue or tiredness
  • Lack of appetite or constipation
  • Having cardiac or respiratory symptoms such as: hypoventilation, abnormal heartbeat, polyuria or excess urine.

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Treatment for potassium deficiency

Among the natural remedies for the treatment for potassium deficiency, we share the following:

Fruits and vegetables like: tomato, zucchini, melon, banana and grapes.

If the absence of potassium is not in relation to an organ problem, you can increase the level with: dry bananas, wheat, rice, potato or potato, pear, cabbage, apricots, artichokes, hazelnuts.

You can take advantage of the foods that you can be eaten raw because the nutrients remain intact as they have not been processed before. With this you can maintain a good level of potassium in the body, so these foods are probably the best natural treatment for potassium deficiency.

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