Use Banana and Banana Peel And Get Awesome Results!

If you use banana and banana peel every day, your body and skin will be perfect! Not sure why? Read and be amazed!

use banana and banana peel

Bananas are sometimes better than pills. They cure a lot of health issues and are great for your skin. This is because bananas contain only healthy sugar and a great amount of fiber. They are also rich in nutrients and, of course, they’re super tasty. If you use banana and banana peel instead of pills and cosmetics, you’ll be healthier and you’ll have an amazing skin. We’ll present you the top benefits you get from bananas!

Why use banana and banana peel?

Banana peel benefits for your skin

If you have any kind of skin inflammation, you better chose banana peel over skin-care cosmetics. Squeezing the juice form the banana peel gives you the best natural antibiotic. This juice is also perfect for getting rid of acne. Just apply the juice on your acne before you go to sleep. It’s perfectly safe to use it until you see the results.

You have mosquito bites all over your body? Don’t waste your time looking for other solutions. Banana peel does miracles. Rub the bite with the peel and the itching miraculously disappears.

If you mix banana peel juice with coconut oil, you get a perfect night cream for your face. Apply it before going to sleep and you’ll have a baby face in the morning.

Banana for your health and body

Bananas belong to the group of healthy food. There’s no argue with that. Bananas are used in healthy diets for obvious reasons. One of these reasons is that bananas fight constipation. They contain probiotic properties which stimulate digestion and eliminate the toxins from the body.

In addition, if you eat two bananas before exercising, you’ll have the enough energy to do an hour-long workout. Bananas are rich in potassium, carbs, vitamins and minerals which keep you in great form to deal with any kind of workout. That’s why they are a great source of energy for you to finish what you’ve started and have a great body shape.

But also, bananas are great for your health in general. They fight ulcers, heatburn, anemia and high blood pressure. They also contain tryptophan, the happy hormone, which helps you fight stress and depression. The ladies should eat a lot of bananas during their PMS, because they are rich in Vitamin B6. This vitamin reduces bloating, pain and regulates the mood swings, the most important thing :).

Reasons enough to include bananas and banana peels in your daily menu?