If you use this powerful drink that cleans the liver, your body will be healthier and function better. See the recipe!

use this powerful drink that cleans the liver

Liver is part of the vital organs group. The health of the liver is as important as the health of the heart. You may not notice it, but your liver is the filter of the body. It regulates blood composition (sugar, protein, fat, and triglyceride). It removes all the toxins from your blood and it reduces cholesterol.

When this filter is not functioning right, all the toxins move through your blood, spreading through all your body. This causes thousands of conditions. However, only the liver itself can have over 100 types of diseases. What’s most important is that there are no signs that you’re having a liver disease. Only by checking yourself you can see whether it’s okay or not. Liver diseases can be caused by excessive alcohol and meat fat consumption and unhealthy diet. That’s why you need to detoxify your liver from time to time.

In addition, by cleaning your liver, you also might lose weight. Of course, that depends on your diet as well.

Nonetheless, this drink is great whether you want to use it for detoxifying the liver or lose weight.

Use This Powerful Drink That Cleans The Liver

Preparation and method of use

All you need for this detoxifying drink are 4 ingredients: 5 celery stalks, 1.5l of water, 240ml chopped parsley and 3 lemons. Remove the lemon peel, cut the celery stalks on smaller pieces, and put them in a blender. Add the chopped parsley and the water and blend until you see a smooth mixture.

The method of use is quite simple. You should drink it 3 times a day, whenever you want. The more often you drink it, the more weight you’ll lose. And, of course, your liver will be cleaner than ever!

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