There are household antibiotics that work as well as or even better than actual pills! See the full list and benefit from them today!

Recently, excessive consumption of antibiotics has reached a high record. The result of this is bacteria have become resistant to them and the “superbugs” are evolving fast. Scientists have had to find a way to fight these.

Before there were pharmaceutical antibiotics, which were developed in the 1940s, there were herbs and foods that served to protect people from diseases and infections. Many of these natural remedies are still used today by many people around the world.

Our ancestors had a solution for healing; they used household antibiotics provided by nature. It is necessary to highlight how good these can be and simply use them in case of suffering from illness.

Household antibiotics used by our ancestors instead of drugs

Oregano and oregano oil

Perhaps you have used oregano as a condiment for some dishes without realizing the benefits that this can bring to your health. Beyond its antibacterial properties, oregano helps in reducing weight and for good digestion. Oregano has oil called carvacrol, which fights bacteria that can produce infections. This oil is ideal for treating digestive infections, and even to treat any yeast infection. Therefore oregano is more than a flavoring for your food.

Apple cider vinegar

The long-term benefits of daily intake of apple cider vinegar include antiseptic and antibiotic properties, natural alkalizing, helping the immune system; can actually help in many things, from lowering cholesterol, controlling weight and reducing the risks of suffering some cancer types. You can use it topically to sterilize and disinfect.


In ancient Rome honey was used on the battlefields to prevent infections and treat wounds. Current civilizations still consider it as one of the best anti-inflammatories, antimicrobial antiseptics and household antibiotics known to humans for thousands of years.

Manuka honey from New Zealand has been confirmed to have the highest antioxidant levels, among other healing powers.

An enzyme that can be found in honey has the ability to release hydrogen peroxide. This process helps the body to prevent the development of bacteria and fight infections. It works as a soothing to the digestive system; honey also helps the liver to have a better functioning and eliminates toxins from the blood.

It is a good boost for your immune system; combining the honey with the cinnamon can strengthen the white blood cells. The best option is to use organic honey because most of the pasteurization methods kill its wonderful antioxidant effects.


This wonderful spice is not only rich in flavor and color. You can apply turmeric or consume it excessively, so it is a great option to fight off bacteria. If you want to get extra benefits then you can mix it with honey and create a paste that you can apply on areas of the skin that are infected.

It can also protect the body from bacterial and infectious diseases so do not wait to take advantage of the great properties of this remedy which is natural and safe and usually not lacking at home. That’s why it is one of the handiest household antibiotics. You can protect your body without the need to use drugs using garlic, oregano, echinacea, honey and turmeric.


You can use garlic to combat simple infections such as the common cold, because it has the ability to eliminate germs before they can disrupt your health. It serves to protect against bacteria, yeast, parasites and more. If you are looking to live healthier, eat more garlic than normal.

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Grapefruit seed extract

A study was published in which it was confirmed that the extract of grapefruit seed is ideal to fight more than 800 bacteria and viruses, parasites and more than a hundred fungal strains. This serves to increase GGE immunity; it is rich in antioxidants and serves for digestion by means of improving the intestinal flora.


You may know a little about this product, but it is a totally safe herb found in many kitchens. The consumption of this herb decreases the amount of colds a person can witness in their life, and these are shorter in the case of people who have to cope with them. This herb is the ideal choice when taking a preventive measure.

The cabbage

Sulfur compounds can be present in cabbage, which is a member of the cruciferous family. The cruciferous family includes kale, cauliflower and broccoli, which have the ability to fight cancer. What many people do not know is that they have a good amount of vitamin C. A cup provides 75% of what you need daily.

It is a natural antibacterial; you can grate cabbage and eat it in the salad; in juices using honey in case you want to sweeten it or as a garnish in the form of salad. It will prevent diseases and even control your weight.

Extra virgin coconut oil

What you know about the benefits of coconut oil is not enough. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is full with antioxidants. People use it to balance the thyroid, boost the immune system, control blood sugar and cholesterol, and even improve brain function. You can use it externally or internally, this is one of the best gifts that nature can offer us.

Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the coffee in the mornings for extra energy and keep the mind clearer during the day.

Fermented foods

Kefir and probiotic yogurts, homemade pickles, unpasteurized cabbage, all of these renew the intestinal flora, keep the body ready to fight infection and reduce the risk of cancer.

Colloidal silver

This is a natural antibiotic, which is a mixture of silver particles in liquid suspension that people use for hundreds of years.

This should be a temporary treatment, because too much silver, which is a fairly heavy metal, can be toxic. However, this serves to deactivate the enzyme required by unicellular bacteria that multiplies. Depriving them of oxygen supplies, viruses and bacteria will disappear without causing damage to your health.

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